With the prevalence of smart meters, Internet of Things sensors and the advent of the digital workflow, there's no doubt that technology in waterworks is here to stay. But how do you coordinate all the separate pieces to work together effectively? Many businesses, organizations and waterworks departments have begun to implement the Trimble Unity platform to improve their connectivity and efficiency, but still have questions about which apps should be used with the software to make it even more effective. Towards that end, we've written a review on AFC Mapper, which helps bridge construction, mapping and maintenance workflows to improve your crew's efficiency in the field.

What is it?

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AFC Mapper is a free app that combines the Trimble Unity platform, the American Flow Control 2D barcode system and ESRI technology. It creates an effective, efficient workflow between the systems to optimize construction, mapping and maintenance management. It allows your crew to access key specifications in the field like reducing torque which can cause unintentional damage in the field during installation and maintenance tasks. It simplifies collection and mapping of assets to the system using technology available on any mobile device, simplifying the integration process with your current technology assets. It allows for GIS mapping of asset locations based on the mobile device's GPS hardware to provide accuracy within about ten feet and highly accurate GIS support using Trimble's GNSS receivers that can be paired via Bluetooth to the mobile device. You can attach phones and a variety of data file formats to the asset's file as well, making it easy to recognize and work with specific issues for that individual asset.

How does it work?

The app integrates data from a variety of sources, including mobile device hardware, Trimble's platform and available hardware and information sources in the field such as 2D barcodes, while allowing for easier workflow management from a separate location. The cloud-based technology means you can operate from any mobile device with the appropriate applications installed. A worker in the field can use a mobile device to locate the required asset using GPS coordinates, verify that it is the correct asset and the assets specs using the 2D bar code, attached data and image files and then log into notes and record the maintenance performed using the digital workflow and simplified data entry tools in the AFC Mapper app.

What does the full version of Trimble Unity add?

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If you add the full version of Unity, you can access a lot more features and get even better workflow management. You can improve your GPS accuracy and extend your map to include all water resources in your system. You can add repair, asset condition and meter deployment to your workflow, as well as creating unique workflow solutions. You can also bring your back-office workflow functions to the field, increasing efficiency.

As you can see, pairing the free app AFC Mapper with your existing Trimble Unity platform creates an automated workflow for your construction, management and mapping processes. This in turn helps reduce workflow management and speeds up your processes, allowing you to get more work done with a smaller crew. If you're ready to integrate AFC Mapper with your Trimble Unity platform or are just starting to consider adding Trimble Unity to your waterworks technology and have additional questions, please feel free to contact Team EJP today for more details. At Team EJP, we're committed to helping you bring the latest and most effective waterworks technology to bear on your department or organization. Downlod our GIS Product Comparison to learn more about these products!

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Sources and Photo Credit: http://www.trimblewater.com/afc-mapper.html