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EJP Icon Sewer Pipe

Sewer Pipe

Schedule 40, SDR 35 or HDPE pipe, EJP stocks the sizes and quality you need for a safe and reliable sewer system, protecting your community.

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Water and Sewer Drain Fittings

Wastewater Fittings

PVC gravity or restrained joint PVC pressure fittings, in sizes from 4 to 27 inches, seals and connections, the fitting you need, ready to ship.

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Manhole Casting

Manhole Castings

Providing castings, accessories, and tools from leading manufacturers, for both sewer systems and stormwater catch basins, make your system secure.

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Flexible Pipe Coupling

Flexible Couplings & Saddles

Flexible couplings speed installation while providing a leak proof seal. Available in a variety of materials to match your system.

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EJP Icon Plug


Mechanical plugs, pipe plugs, and plug tools give you the control you need to make repairs and maintain your sewer system safely.

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The most complete and extensive service department in the business!

We offer services such as pipe tapping, valve insertions, leak locating, in-line large water meter testing, sewer line air testing, and more!

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