Questions about any of our product features or installation processes? Want to learn more about our waterworks services and sister companies? At Team EJP, we pride ourselves on answering your waterworks questions and giving you all the tools needed to complete your waterworks job, and now you can find them all in one place; our video resources page.

With a wide variety of videos ranging from step-by-step product installation instructions to benefit overview videos of programs like University of Prescott and Beyond Specs, it’s never been easier to access all the information you need to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible.


ALPHA Valve & Hydrant Installation

ALPHA Coupling & Pressure Test

ALPHA Valve Installation & Interview

ALPHA Hydrant Products

Team EJP Companies

Team EJP Overview

Team QWP Overview

Team Red Hed Overview

Team PPF Overview

Team EJP Pipe Yard

Team EJP Crane Delivery


University of Prescott

Know How Seminar

Sustainable Water Technology

Beyond Specs Program

Sensus Smart Water Network


Team PPF: Manhole Epoxy

Value Added Service

V.A.S: Value Added Service

G.I.S. Technology

Trimble Technology

Leak Locating