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EJP Icon Kamstrump Water Meters

Kamstrup Water Meters

Kamstrup ultrasonic water meters, readers, and software make metering and data collection easier to save you time and money.

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Team EJP Water Meter

Meter Accessories

The right accessory, whether a pit, cover, yoke, valve, or hardware, can make installation and maintenance of meters easier.

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EJP Icon Sensus Icon


Full range of conventional leak detection equipment and advanced systems for permanent leak monitoring of water supply networks.

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EJP Icon Trimble Water

Trimble Water

Comprehensive waterworks monitoring keeps water flowing smoothly. EJP has solutions for clean, waste and stormwater monitoring.

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EJP Icon AFC Pressure Monitoring

AFC Pressure Monitoring

Real-time pressure monitoring saves money and proactively avoids asset failure. Optimize water supply pressure monitoring with EJP.

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The most complete and extensive service department in the business!

We offer services such as pipe tapping, valve insertions, leak locating, in-line large water meter testing, sewer line air testing, and more!

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