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Chlorinating and Dechlorinating

Chlorinating & Dechlorinating

Disinfection with chlorine is critical to purify your lines and ensure the water is safe. Dechlorination protects the environment.

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EJP Icon Valves

Valve Maintenance

Valve maintenance extends the life of your valves and ensure they will fully close in an emergency, protecting your community during line breaks.

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Hydrant Maintenance

Hydrant Maintenance

Hydrants protect. Make sure your hydrants operate fully and easily in emergencies, when seconds matter. EJP can help.

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Let's Move Water

As our world's most valuable resource, water covers 71% of the planet and makes up 60% of the human body. There is no life without water. For these reasons and more, we've adopted the motto: Let's Move Water. This allows us to clearly tell the world exactly what we do and why we do it!

Our hope is to align the efforts of our team, vendors, and customers to provide the best solutions for moving water and in doing so we are conserving our most precious of resources.