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Tapping into water mains without disrupting service requires special equipment and trained staff. Whether as an augment to your in-house team, for a special project, or as part of an emergency mobilization, call Team EJP.

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Leak and Locating

Knowing pipe and valve locations and being able to quickly locate leaks not only limit lost water but limit liability from leaks that can grow rapidly from small to catastrophic. We have the team and equipment you need.

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Ensuring the integrity of your water lines, sewer, or manholes requires testing. Whether for new construction or repaired lines, EJP has the team to test your systems and ensure they will perform as needed.

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Routine maintenance is part of your commitment to your community. Chlorination and dechlorination, valve maintenance or hydrant maintenance, EJP has the trained staff to help you keep your system in top shape.

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Fusion and Fabrication

Need pipe fabricated for a repair or new construction? Do you need fusion services that you can count on to construct pressure tight connections? EJP has experienced staff that can meet your specifications.

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EJP Ions Additional Services

Additional Services

You need to make every dollar stretch. EJP has programs that provide a buffer against inflation and has a team of vetted vendors to assist you in all areas of water management. With EJP, you can plan with confidence.

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EJP Icon Smart Utility

Smart Utility

Smart utility services provide state of the art technology that keeps you informed of critical aspects of your system. Meter testing, 3D scanning, GIS mapping, or leak detection, we help you “be smart” and stay in control.

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We Offer Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Products!

When it comes to delivering earth’s most valuable resources, trust in the experts at Team EJP to provide reliable products backed by exceptional service whenever you need it.

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