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Our Goal:

Team EJP has developed a comprehensive specification that addresses many critical issues that you and your organization face. The future is not about purchasing power, but about aligning your firm or utility with the company that can provide you assurances and protection.

"Beyond Specs" is for our customers to utilize within their organization to ensure that your community and the people that you serve benefit from a comprehensive approach to their vital waterworks infrastructure needs, including Safety, Training & Education, Delivery, Conservation and Revenue, and 24-Hour Service.



Safety is of utmost importance to our organization and the valued people who work, live, and support our community members and customers.

For a vendor to qualify, the vendor must meet all of the following safety qualifications:

  • The vendor shall be able to provide documentation upon request of active safety training for their employees.
  • The vendor’s Outside Sales Representatives shall possess a current OSHA 10-hour card.
  • The vendor’s Service Technicians shall possess a current OSHA 10-hour card.
  • The vendor must have the capability of providing the Utility and its employees with an OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour safety course. The vendor shall provide the name and appropriate qualifications of the person conducting safety training.
  • The vendor shall include in its hiring practices the requirement of drug and alcohol screening and background checks for any new employees.
  • The vendor shall subscribe to random drug and alcohol testing of its drivers.

Training and Education

With the changing demographics facing our industry, the chosen vendor must be able to provide the following:

  • The vendor shall provide an in-house Reference Manual available to all Utility personnel. Within this manual shall be a variety of products, services, engineering data, specifications and other information pertaining to the water, wastewater and stormwater industry. A copy of the manual shall be provided for Utility approval.
  • The vendor shall have a program for sponsoring continued education seminars and shall have sponsored at least one within the last two years in which continuing educational credits were awarded. The vendor shall provide documentation of recent educational seminars.
  • The vendor shall have an accredited waterworks apprenticeship program recognized by the Department of Labor, through which various aspects of the industry are taught. The program curriculum must be provided, along with testimonials from graduates of the program.
  • The vendor shall employ the services of qualified individuals who have the knowledge to provide technical assistance to the Utility for all products carried by the vendor.
  • The vendor shall have an emergency guide that can aid as a pocket reference for various situations.

Transportation & Delivery

The qualified vendor must be able to provide safe and timely deliveries that are essential to the success of any project.

  • The vendor shall have the ability to unload material with truck-mounted cranes. Cranes and operators must be certified.
  • The vendor shall have insurance that covers unloading.
  • The vendor’s Sales Representatives shall have pickup trucks to provide timely and flexible deliveries.
  • The vendor’s vehicles shall have GPS tracking devices installed in delivery vehicles. The vendor shall provide examples of how the tracking device is administered.
  • The vendor shall have access to a company-owned flatbed trucking fleet that has operating authority in 48 states and Canada. All trucks shall have the above-mentioned GPS capabilities.
  • The vendor shall have a professional inventory management program available. The program shall provide logistical capabilities for Utility to locate product from surrounding Utilities.

Water Conservation & Revenue

Water is our most precious resource and one that should be revered and protected. The vendor shall provide the following services to the Utility to assist with water conservation efforts and revenue:

  • The vendor shall possess ground listening devices available to the Utility.
  • The vendor shall possess a digital leak correlator available to the Utility.
  • The vendor shall employ a minimum of three Meter Specialists dedicated to providing metering solutions and responses to technical inquiries of the Utility.
  • The vendor shall have meter equipment available to loan to the Utility.
  • The vendor shall employ a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) on staff to provide erosion and sediment solutions.
  • The vendor shall have GIS mapping capabilities available to the Utility.
  • The vendor shall manufacture UL FM approved and patented for meter downsizing that apply to all NSF61 regulations.
  • Vendor shall have a submersible camera with capabilities of tank inspection available to the Utility.
  • The vendor shall offer live water main inspection using the JD7 water main camera.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Our Utility demands service 24/7/365. The vendor shall provide the following:

  • The vendor shall provide emergency protocol.
  • The vendor shall provide to the Utility a contact list of people that can assist the Utility in addressing emergencies. The list shall include home phone and cell phone numbers of all emergency responders. The list shall also include the phone number and cell phone number of all owners of the company along with ten other employees, two of whom must be Service Technicians that have access to a service truck and all appropriate tools, materials and equipment necessary to assist the Utility in an emergency response.
  • The vendor shall maintain a company emergency services guide that contains useful information in dealing with an emergency. This guide shall include all vendor locations.
  • The vendor shall employ Service Technicians experienced in providing service work to the Utility. The Service work available to the Utility shall include, but not be limited to service taps, water main taps, quick valve insertion and other services associated with the water industry. The Service Technician shall also be capable of providing independent pressure tests, chlorination and de-chlorination of a water line.
  • The vendor shall employ Service Technicians who can provide independent testing of sewer and drains including, but not limited to, low-pressure air testing, vacuum testing of manholes and closed circuit television inspection.
  • The vendor shall maintain a complete line of fusion equipment for both the butt fusing of high- density polyethylene pipe and electrostatic fusing of fittings. Additionally, the vendor shall employ Service Technicians who are proficient in operating said equipment.
  • The vendor-employed Service Technicians will maintain a current OSHA 10-hour card. The Service Technician will have an OSHA-compliant trench box available.
  • All service trucks shall be equipped with a GPS tracking device.
  • All service trucks shall be equipped with a certified crane.
  • The vendor shall have a company-owned closed-circuit television camera for the inspection of sewer and drain main and lateral connections.
  • The vendor shall have company-owned facilities with capabilities of fabricating flanged pipe up to 60’’ in diameter. Shop shall be NSF61 certified and third-party inspected (AWWA C115).
  • In regards to New England and New York - Vendor shall be partnered with a ductile iron pipe manufacturer so they have access to a pipe depot yard that stocks 4-48” ductile pipe.

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