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GIS Overview

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system that creates, manages, analyzes, and maps all types of data. GIS connects data to a map, integrating location data (where things are) with all types of descriptive information(what things are like there). This provides a foundation for mapping and analysis that is used in science and almost every industry. GIS helps users understand patterns, relationships, and geographic context. The benefits include improved communication and efficiency as well as better management and decision making.
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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allows users to have visibility of assets, operations, and critical data at their fingertips. E.J. Prescott’s field professionals collect high-accuracy GPS (2-3 cm) data, and as the data gets configured and analyzed a map is designed. Complete system maps or sections of systems can be completed and configured providing geographic data for each asset.


Team EJP provides the field service of locating, mapping, and inspection of assets which provides a detailed map with critical notes about each system. With the initial data of existing GIS maps, paper maps, tie-cards, and other information regarding the project, Team EJP can ensure the map gets completed with the correct information. With the expertise, advanced tools, and approach to each project Team EJP is providing a quality product that will be used for the lifetime of the system


  • Clean Water
  • Waste Water
  • Storm Water
  • Electric
  • Gas


  • ESRI Web Map
  • Paper Map
  • Exported GIS Files


  • EJP uses advanced GPS technology to capture GPS positions at centimeter level accuracy
  • Spending time to review the internal documentation and records to ensure information is being collected accurately.
  • Locating capabilities for finding missing assets
  • Training provided after the map is completed to ensure field and office personal are comfortable with using the map.
  • Ability to provide future updates to the map.
  • Customizations of the map to the users’ preferences
  • Ability to build upon the map for asset management, asset inventories, dashboards, etc.

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