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This Service Includes

  • The necessary equipment, machine, tools and personnel to install an in-line insertion valve in an existing line while under pressure.
  • We will supply the necessary insertion valve and sleeve for the size pipe receiving the inserting valve.
  • The workmanship and materials are guaranteed and the insertion is covered by liability insurance.

Note: Due to variations in pipe outside diameters we request an actual O.D. measurement be taken of the pipe receiving the insertion valve prior to ordering the valve and sleeve.

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4 - 24" EZ Valve Installation

  • Enables quick and easy water main shut-off when needed
  • Installation can be done without disrupting the flow of water
  • Available in sizes 4 – 24 inch diameter
  • Work is performed by our OSHA-certified service technicians

Read how the city of Westfield, Massachusetts, discovered that a water main blocked the construction of a new box culvert and how Team EJP overcame this obstacle by installing 3 AVT EZ Valves without disrupting the town’s water supply. 


Advanced Value Technologies

The AVT EZ Valve is a great choice for emergency repairs and a smart solution for planned and emergency pipeline maintenance on 4” to 24” diameter lines. This inline insertion valve can be installed on horizontal or vertical lines and requires a single excavation; so fixing a line is fast, with fewer disruptions to businesses and residents and less cost and risk for owners and operators. Ranked among the industry’s most innovative solutions, the light, and compact AVT EZ Valve is designed with a built-in isolation gate that allows the valve to be installed under pressure, a design feature that permits flow through the line while the repair is being made. It is durable, reliable, and certified to industry standards.

How to Bell Pipe


Alpha Technology



  • A control valve is placed in-line, under pressure, with no interruption of service.
  • No loss of industrial service or fire protection.
  • Control valves provide protection should breaks occur or partial shut-downs become necessary.
  • Helps to reduce the hazards of backflow contamination.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Necessary excavation (dimensions provided by us).
  • Trench shoring as needed.
  • Outside diameter of pipe.
  • Pipe in area of insertion must be clean and free of raised lettering.
  • Special requirements may be necessary depending on existing conditions. Please contact your local sales office for further information.

Installing the QuikValve™ Under Pressure

Step 1:  Mount the sleeve on the main and drill the pipe. 

Step 2: Ream the pipe wall.

- Dismount the machine.

- Assemble the Reamer, and remount the machine.

- Open the slide gate and ream the ID of the pipe wall.

Step 3: Close the Slide Gate.

- Dismount the machine. Assemble the valve to the machine. 

- Assemble the spool to the slide gate. 

- Open the Slide Gate and press the valve insert into the pipe. 

- Tighten all bolts and dismount the equipment.

Step 4: Install the Valve Nut

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