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About Team PPF

Team PPF, a division of EJP, was founded in 2008. We specialize in the design and fabrication of custom HDPE structures and PVC piping systems. Team PPF is a leader in water, wastewater and stormwater structural rehabilitation services. We also offer media filtration remediation services, inspection services, geographic information system installations, and more.

Whether you're ready to rehabilitate aging structures, or starting a new project from scratch - Team PPF is ready with the products and services you need to get the job done.


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Team PPF creates custom plastic pipe solutions. We have the expertise and resources to design and fabricate the right solution for your job - no matter how complex it may be. 


Team PPF helps you save downtime, money, and public disruption with innovative, custom-fabricated culvert rehab options like slip-lining.


Team PPF inspection services can verify that proper installation was performed by others, check for problem areas, and identify structural rehabilitation opportunities.

Culvert Slip Lining Rehabilitation

Don't dig and replace when you could save time, money, and disruption by slip-lining old, damaged culverts with Team PPF!

Why Trenchless Culvert Repair?

  • Less traffic disruption
  • Less risk of disrupting underground utilities
  • Less chance of contaminating nearby waterways
  • Less digging and excavation
  • Decreased cost
  • More soil and surface stabilization
  • More service life out of your culverts
  • More hydraulic flow capacity with smoothbore HDPE over CMP, even with a decrease in pipe size.

How Slip Lining Works

Team PPF will ensure adequate lay down room is available for slip lining the pipe. Less room is needed if using segmented pipe. We'll clean out debris from the existing. culvert, slide the slip line pipe (typically HDPE) into the host culvert. Blocking, runners and/or anti-flotation jacks may be used depending on conditions.

Team PPF builds concrete bulkheads at the inlet and outlet ends, places vent tubes, and fills annular spaces with lightweight cellular grout. Once the vent and fill tubes are cut and the bulkheads are faced off, your slip lined culvert is ready - and better than ever! 


Products & Services

Team PPF's custom fabrication services include AutoCAD drafting and design, shop and on-site extrusion welding, socket fusion 3/4”-2” and butt fusion 3/4” to 36”. 

  • Catch Basin Hoods
  • Custom HDPE & PVC Pipes/Fittings 
  • Dry Hydrant Strainers, Screens and Products
  • Dual Containment Piping/Fittings
  • Anti-Seep Collars
  • Custom Perforated and Slotted Pipe
  • Landfill Leachate System Components
  • Trash Racks
  • HDPE Manholes


Have a project that needs a full-service team of professionals ready to design and fabricate the ideal solution for your water system needs? 

Team PPF has the expertise, experience, and resources to design and fabricate the solutions you need. Our past projects include historic restorations, environmentally complex projects, and other work that requires an expert touch.

We are experienced in partnering with other firms - such as environmental consultants, engineers, city departments, and contractors - to make sure every part of the job is done right. 

Trust Team PPF to design and fabricate the custom plastic pipe solutions to keep your water flowing! 

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Products & Services

  • ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) Camera Inspections
  • CCTV Inspection of Sewer & Stormwater with NASCO (PACP, LACP, and MACP) Certified Reports
  • Camera Inspections for Potable Water Works
  • Live Water Hydrant and Distribution System Inspections
  • GIS (Geographic Information System)
  • Riezler Crawler and Insight Vision Push Camera Equipment

The most complete and extensive service department in the business!

We offer services such as pipe tapping, valve insertions, leak locating, in-line large water meter testing, sewer line air testing, and more!

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