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As a leak starts on a water main, water will flow through a hole or crack opening and over time, the flow can increase the size of the breach. At a certain point, the water pressure through this hole in the pipe can overcome the strength of the pipe material and result in a catastrophic pipe burst. When pipelines fail and burst, they can cause significant damage, sometimes result in injury, and result in major disruption to the public. The benefit of detecting and repairing leaks early is that they have lower likelihood of resulting in a substantial pipe break. 

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With Team EJP's advanced technology and field expertise, leaks can be pinpointed, and repaired before pipes burst. By using multiple data sources such as leak detection equipment, GIS mapping, pressure monitoring, and flow monitoring, Team EJP can solve issues large and small. Team EJP is dedicated to providing the best data and solutions to clients.

More Than Leak Detection:

Team EJP takes an approach to leak detection by not only finding the immediate issue but using their expertise in the water works industry to determine the cause of the leak. Leaks can happen for various reasons such as water hammer, asset failure, natural disasters, or asset operations. Using technology to diagnose every situation, Team EJP is there to ensure the cause of the leak is resolved as well. 


  • Leak Detection - Any Pipe Size or Materials
  • Leak Detection Survey
  • Non-Revenue Water Analysis
  • Pressure Management
  • System Zoning

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