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Your water meter is a cash register, and without proper metering and accounting of water use, customers and utilities lose money because they are not receiving the correct data. Water meters are subject to wear and eventually lose their ability to correctly measure and record flow. There are several factors that cause meters to wear out, such as water quality and how the meter is actually being used in a particular setting.

Team EJP has trained field professionals to preform water meter tests on large diameter meters. With the state-of-the-art equipment for field testing, water meters can be verified or diagnosed. By following AWWA Manual M6 (Water Meters—Selection, Installation, Testing, and Maintenance) Team EJP will provide the most accurate results.

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Non-Revenue water can either be real loss or apparent loss. Leaks are considered real losses whereas apparent losses may be theft, paperwork issues or meter inaccuracies.


Team EJP has developed a Water Meter testing reporting application, providing a detailed report on the test for each meter. Among other items this report will document flow rates, register reads, photos, and GPS location of each meter tested.


  • In-Field Meter Testing - 1.5"+
  • Right-Sizing
  • Large Diameter Change-Out
  • Back Flow Testing

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