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This Service Includes

  • 3/4" & 2" direct taps on ductile or cast iron pipe. Other sizes or types of pipe require a saddle (see saddles in product section for appropriate saddles to use).
  • On some pipes we will drill through a corporation and saddle that the customer purchases, leaving a corporation ready for connection to the service line. This can be done under pressure with no interruption of mainline service.
  • As a minimum, the service work shall be done to AWWA specifications. All service work shall be guaranteed for a period of one year.
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  • Avoids shutting down the main to install new services.
  • No need to purchase special equipment.
  • All work is performed by experienced, insured personnel.
  • Saves time and labor costs.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Adequate excavation.
  • Trench water removal, if necessary.
  • Crushed stone to stabilize the trench bottom, if necessary.
  • Trench shoring as needed.

Additional Notes:

Our service technicians are equipped to drill 3/4" thru 2" on the following pipes: Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, AC (asbestos-cement), PVC and Steel. We recommend the use of saddles on AC, PVC and Steel Pipe. See product catalog.

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