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This Service Includes:

  • The necessary pump, hoses and tools to perform the high pressure test.
  • Experienced, insured personnel in water line testing procedures.
  • Certified test results for the owner, contractor and engineer.
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  • Pressure testing ensures the integrity of newly installed or repaired water lines, valves and hydrants.
  • Testing is usually done to AWWA Specifications at 11⁄2 times the operating pressures unless otherwise specified by the engineer. This ensures the system will stay intact when experiencing water hammer.
  • Saves the utility or contractor from having to purchase special equipment.
  • A time saving method of testing for the contractor.
  • Meets or exceeds engineers' requirements for system acceptance.

Caution: Extremely high internal pressures are generated when hydrostatic pressure testing takes place. Careful attention must be given to caps and plugs to prevent blow-off.

Customer Responsibilities

  • The pipeline must be full of water and have the air purged from the system.
  • Provide an additional source of water to be used to pressurize the system.
  • Provide a 3⁄4" pump connection at the main.
  • The system must be isolated with all fittings, valves, hydrants, caps and plugs restrained.

Information Required Before:

  • Size of the pipeline being tested.
  • Length of pipeline to be tested.
  • Are there valves in-line for isolation?
  • Are there any services installed off the pipeline?

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