This Service Includes:

  • Modern electronic equipment.
  • Experienced, insured personnel.
  • The pinpointing of leaks in pipes, valves, services and hydrants.
  • Emergency leak detection day or night.


  • Reduce unaccounted-for water.
  • Reduce lost revenue.
  • Conserve precious water supplies.
  • Reduce pumping and treatment costs.
  • Locate leaks in new lines minimizing excavation costs.

NOTICE: According to the American Water Works Association, 10 gallons of water per person per day is lost in the average system through leaks or breaks in underground pipes, valves and hydrants. In many cases this tremendous volume of water is being treated and pumped. When it leaks out you lose more than water, you lose money! How can you afford to let these leaks continue?

Call your local sales office to set up a few days of leak locating now! The savings from eliminating lost water will more than pay for the service.

IMPORTANT: Knowing the answers to the following questions will assist us in being more efficient in finding your leak:

  • Is the leak greater than 2 gpm?
  • Do you know where the line is?
  • Do you know the depth of the line?
  • Do you know the pressure of the line?
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