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Drilling and Tapping Icon

Drilling and Tapping

For service connections of ¾” to 2”, without disrupting service, count on EJP’s experienced teams to provide the expertise and equipment.

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EJP Icon Pipeline Tapping

Pipeline Tapping

Need a main extension or hydrant installation but can’t disrupt service to customers? EJP can install a tee to meet your needs.

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Waterworks Coring

Retrofits and expansions often require adding pipelines through existing concrete walls. EJP can core holes 4” to 16” in diameter.

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EJP Icon Valve Insertions

Valve Insertions

Valves = control. EJP can install insertion valves in an existing water main while it is still under pressure, with no service disruption.

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More Than Water

Team EJP is more than just a water, wastewater, and stormwater solutions provider. At EJP, we combine the most time-tested and trusted names in the waterworks industry with the most innovative technology and services. Delivered with a work ethic rooted in our beginnings in the 1950s, EJP has continued the culture of our founder, Everett Prescott, who built EJP by always going the extra mile and making excellence a cornerstone of our partnerships. Dedicated to making the industry better, EJP has encouraged creative problem solving in every employee, with a keen eye towards meeting the challenges of the future.

With EJP, you have a trusted partner who shares your passion for water. We have the knowledge and experience to help you find solutions for today and to plan for tomorrow. Team EJP understands the water business because it is our business too and has been for over 60 years.