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Pipe Outside Diameter Guide

This guide is designed to quickly provide the outside diameter for any size and type of pipe you are using.

StormwateRx Treatment Book Cover

StormwateRx Treatment

StormwateRx LLC has been helping industrial customers meet and exceed their water quality goals with the most effective stormwater treatment systems and BMPs.

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InstaTurf Book Cover


InstaTurf™ products provide instant erosion protection as soon as you lay them down. No need to wait for vegetation for high-performance erosion protection.

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Geo Pave Overview Book Cover

Geoblock® & Geopave®

Presto’s systems handle the most demanding load support requirements while promoting natural stormwater infiltration, reducing runoff, and more.

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Geoweb Book Cover

Soil Stabilization

Presto’s GEOWEB® system is made from high-density polyethylene and is an industry-leading geocell system, designed to meet the most difficult site stabilization challenges.

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American Road Patch

Traditional road repair methods typically fail to last, because traditional methods use fills, which don't keep water out. The American Road Patch will help you avoid ineffective and repeated repair work.

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Final SDR Book Cover

SDR Sewer Pipe

SDR-35 PVC is the top choice for contractors and municipalities. It provides strong results without a lot of extra time, effort, or investment while delivering long-term benefits.

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PVC Pipe Guide Book Cover

PVC Pipe

Our PVC pipe is available in a variety of pressure ratings to serve a wide range of applications such as municipal water systems, fire protection loops, and more.

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PAMREX Manhole Covers Book Cover

PAMREX Manhole Covers

PAMREX hinged Manhole covers help shorten lift time, and helps reduce the proximity of the load to the body during the lift. Learn what else PAMREX covers can do.

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SS Repair Clamp Book Cover

Repair Clamps

Stainless repair clamps combine the features you depend on in all stainless clamps, with exclusive improvements that make the clamp stronger and more flexible.

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Preventing Frozen Pipes Cover

Frozen Pipe Prevention

It is imperative to give special attention to exposed water pipes during the winter months, especially in warmer climates. Learn how to avoid frozen pipes.

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EJP Emergency Service Guide Book Cover

Emergency Service

Learn more about what TEAM EJP can offer you with our 2023 Emergency Service Guide! We have a full-time on-call Service Department ready to respond either day or night.

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Septic Tank Book Cover

Septic Tanks

If you own a rural residence, there’s a good chance that your home has a septic system. Take a quick look at how septic tanks work and how to keep them working effectively!

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Ford Meter Box Book Cover

No Contact Coupling

Ford Meter Box No Contact Coupling submittals provides an overview of how the No Contact Coupling can help you and your water utility in an easy efficient way.

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A.Y. McDonald Fast Connect Book Cover

The New Fast Connect

The A.Y. McDonald Fast Connect Fitting bulletin guide provides an overview of how the new Fast Connect Fitting can help you save time and do more.

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Value Added Service Book Cover

Value Added Service

The V.A.S. Program helps save your water utility major investment dollars, while providing a hands-on, simple reorder program for your inventory control.

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Hydrant Color Codes Book Cover

Hydrants Color and Markings

The Hydrant Color Codes and Markings guide gives an brief overview of the process of maintenance, testing, and an overview of color codes and markings.

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University Of Prescott Apprenticeship Program Book Cover

University of Prescott

The University of Prescott Apprenticeship Program Infographic showcases the benefits that a typical 4-year degree won't provide in a waterworks career.

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Beyond Specs Book Cover

Beyond Specs

Beyond Specs Starter Guide is a new direction in specifications--beyond materials, dimensions, and brands--to meet your total needs and desired goals for the future.

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EJP ALPHA Case Study Book Cover

Hydrant Installation

The ALPHA Case Study helps you learn about the ease of use of AMERICAN® Series 2500 gate valves and fire hydrants with restrained joint ends that will save you time.

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EJP Road Case Study Book Cover

Road Performance

The Road performance Case Study presents a real-life example of how the Tensar TriAx TX 5 geogrid can improve gravel roadways and provide a lasting solution.

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Valve Tapping Sleeves Book Cover

Valve and Tapping Sleeve

Valving has allowed industries to regulate and control fluid flow for years, but only recently has the design and manufacturing kept pace with the demands of the industry.

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Gate Valve ALPHA Book Cover

Valve and Fire Hydrants

The AMERICAN Flow Control Valve and Fire Hydrant Guide explaines how the ALPHA joint is compatible with several pipe materials and will save you money.

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Romac ALPHA Book Cover

Alpha Romac

Many main breaks need to be repaired each day in the U.S. primarily due to the country's aging water infrastructure. The guide will prepare you for any type of break.

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HDPE Offer Book Cover


Learn about DriscoPlex® 4000 and 4100 piping through this HDPE Pipe Guide and learn Performance Pipe is a name you can trust in the water and sewer piping industry!

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EJP Zinc Coated Pipe Book Cover

Zinc-Coated Ductile Iron

AMERICAN is proud to introduce the latest advancement in corrosion control for iron pipe - zinc coating. Learn how zinc has been used to extend the life of iron pipe.

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OSHA Quick Card Book Cover

Cold Stress Quick Card

Learn how extreme cold weather is a dangerous situation that can bring on health emergencies for those who work outdoors or who work in a poorly insulated areas.

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Stormwater Field Guide 8bit Book Cover


This field guide provides solutions to some of the basic stormwater related problems encountered on job sites and provides useful information on total jobsite management.

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EJP Tensar Case Study Book Cover

Tensar's TX 5 Geogrid

In Tensar's Guide about improved roadway, learn how the installation of Tensar's TX 5 geogrid significantly improved the quality of a gravel road in Marlborough, NH.

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Tracer Wire

Tracer Wire is a fast and efficient way to find the exact pipes and underground utilities you need to locate. Learn how to use a tracer wire system in your water system!


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