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DIP, PVC, and HDPE (AWWA C906) for buried water and wastewater applications, wall sleeves and accessories, plus PVC UL conduit.

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EJP Icon Treatment Pipe

Treatment Pipe

Flanged DIP from 3” to 42”, fabricated to your specifications. Grooved DIP with rigid or flexible grooving, for high pressure uses.

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Fire protection is critical to the safety of your community. EJP stocks the most reliable hydrants, so you are always protected.

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EJP Icon Valves


Valves give you control over your water systems. Wedge, plug, butterflies, insertion valves – EJP has the right valve for the job.

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EJP Icon Fitting Connections

Water, Fitting & Connections

Mechanical joints, restrained fittings, adapters, elbows – EJP has everything to connect your pipes into a reliable system.

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Clamps Couplings and Saddles

Clamps, Couplings & Saddles

Couplings for joining pipes, as well as clamps for stopping leaks and making repairs – EJP has what your water system needs.

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EJP Icon Tapping

Tapping Sleeves

Water systems are ever evolving, adding lines and connections. Tapping water lines under pressure requires reliable tapping sleeves.

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Valve Box

Valve & Service Boxes

Different styles of valve boxes and service boxes, with options to accommodate any depth, provide system access and flexibility.

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Backflow Preventer

Backflow Preventors

Reliable backflow preventors protect the sanitary integrity of your potable water system, keeping your community healthy.

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EJP Icon RedHed Brass

Red Hed Service Brass

Providing the only lead-free service brass on the market, Red Hed helps you keep the lead out of your community’s drinking water.

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Service Brass

Service Brass

High pressure, high temperature, any size, with many options available, EJP has the service brass you need to meet any application.

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For that service line to the user, choose from copper or polyethylene tubing with the durability and flexibility for easy installation.

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The most complete and extensive service department in the business!

We offer services such as pipe tapping, valve insertions, leak locating, in-line large water meter testing, sewer line air testing, and more!

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