As our world's most valuable resource, water covers 71% of the planet and makes up 60% of the human body. There is no life without water. For these reasons and more, we've adopted the motto: Let's Move Water. This allows us to clearly tell the world exactly what we do and why we do it!


We think “Let’s Move Water” conveys everything that is important to us and what drives us to help our customers find the best possible solutions for all off their water needs.

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We are focusing our efforts to better serve our customers, vendors, and internal team. Our new slogan, “Let’s Move Water”, has more meaning than just serving those around us. We are working to have a bigger impact on how our planet's water is handled. Everything we do as a company has an effect on the quantity and quality of our water.

We are making a pledge to source the best water products, because every drop that is used in a community moves through our pipe first. Our goal is to find the best solutions for moving water from various sources to the consumer while ensuring purity throughout the trip.


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In a world where a quarter of the population drinks contaminated water regularly, Team EJP considers it our responsibility to help prevent watershed contamination. Wastewater is a huge problem in today's world, because if it isn't handled properly, it can cause serious contamination to the environment.

This contamination, in turn, costs communities time and money to clean up and can cause health problems for its citizens. When you work with Team EJP, you can rest assured that you're receiving a sewer system product of the highest quality. We make sure all our products are able to serve and protect the municipalities they're working for, helping us ensure that you can safely move wastewater from the source to the treatment plant.


On World Water Day 2019 we decided to launch our new movement with a video from our internal team. Our hope is to align the efforts of our team, vendors, and customers to provide the best solutions for moving water and in doing so conserving our most precious of resources. “Let’s Move Water”!


Stormwater Management has been called the last frontier in water management. Throughout most of history, stormwater has been treated as a nuisance. In effect we have waterproofed our developed areas and disposed of stormwater as rapidly as possible.

Our past practices have resulted in downstream flooding, stream bank erosion, increased sediment loading and destruction of wildlife habitat. We have contaminated streams, rivers and coastal areas and caused damage to our infrastructure.

Team EJP is committed to preventing and solving such problems. By providing the most effective solutions and products available, and by partnering with industry leading manufacturers, our team will work hard to provide the best possible answers to these challenging problems. Our toolbox provides effective solutions for problems such as erosion and sediment control, vegetation establishment, ground stabilization and drainage. Our expanded portfolio also now includes stormwater treatment, underground stormwater storage and porous paving systems.


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