Posted by Everett J. Prescott on Nov 07, 2016 7:43 AM

When winter draws near and you've wrapped up all the mild-weather projects, your crew often has a lot of downtime. Though the occasional winter storm, cold snap or house fire may cause some need for repairs or replacement of damaged parts, the rest of the winter tends to be rather quiet. What can you do to get the most out of your team during the down time? Improve your team's overall knowledge and capabilities. Team EJP offers a wide range of trainings available on your work site. Here's part of what we have to offer.


OSHA regulations can be a confusing mess of requirements buried within long, complex documents. How do you translate the whole thing into effective work site operations that provide real safety measures for your crew while avoiding expensive fines? Our team will help you get the most out of OSHA regulations, helping you keep your crew safe and in compliance.

First Aid:

first-aid-items.pngWhen you work around water, someone's probably going to get hurt on your crew at one point or another. From busted knuckles to broken bones, you'll learn how to hand the basics of medical emergencies.


We never want to have to use this skill, but when the time comes, CPR can mean the difference between losing a valued member of your crew and keeping them alive until help arrives.

Leak Locating:

You know you've got a leak happening somewhere in your system, but how do you quickly and effectively track it down before it causes too much loss? Learn how in this course.

Line Locating:

We've all been out to job sites where you know the line is . . . somewhere. Learn how to track down hard-to-find water and sewer lines in this on-site course.

Trimble Software (GIS):

Though it's a great resource, knowing how to use Trimble software can be confusing. We'll help you sort it out in this course.

Sewer Camera:

Learn how to operate a sewer camera system to determine the source of blockages, leaks and similar areas of concern for your utility.

Small and Large Taps:

Whether you're working on small live taps for new or replacement service or large taps of pipelines, we can show you how it's done.

Hydrant Maintenance:

hydrant-spring.pngThe last thing you want to happen in winter is having a hydrant malfunction during a house fire. Learn how to keep your hydrants maintained in this course.

Pipe Fusion:

Need to join lengths of pipe in a more effective fashion? Learn how in our class that covers how to determine the right type of connector for the job.

Automatic Meter Reading:

Let's face it - it can really stink having to record meter readings manually in January. Learn about how automatic meter reading can vastly improve your utility's efficiency.

Erosion Control:

Erosion control is just one small part of sustainability. Learn how to prevent erosion from using basic devices to implementing safe job site practices.

For all these trainings, we can send a rep to your job site to cover the information, saving your crew from travel and expensive overnight stays during the winter. We also offer many other training topics - just reach out to your sales representative to learn more. At Team EJP, we believe in providing you with everything you need to run your waterworks facility efficiently, from products and specialty services to training and information.

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