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When you need a gate valve that provides serious performance and durability, the AMERICAN® Series 2500 Resilient Wedge Gate Valve delivers. In addition to a hefty 10-year manufacturer's warranty, this versatile valve available in 4"-12" sizes is engineered for strength and reliability. It has a wider range of versatility than most other resilient wedge gate valves on the market. Here are some more details on these solid valves.

Materials and Connections

American Resilient Wedge Gate Valves

Created from strong ductile iron, one of the industry's standard materials, the AMERICAN® Series 2500 Resilient Wedge Gate Valve is built to last. It's available with ALPHA™ ends in a range of different sizes from 4"-12", giving you a size to meet a number of different needs. The ALPHA™ ends inlets are compatible with a number of different pipe materials, such as ductile iron, cast iron, HDPE and PVC, making it easy to add to virtually any system. Whether you're adding it to an existing system, installing a new system or bridging the gap between two types of pipe, this valve series can be easily added to improve your system's capabilities.


These resilient wedge gate valves are available with ALPHA™ ends in sizes 4” -12”. This range makes them a great choice for any number of applications within your waterworks system. It's designed for use in water supply, fire protection and sewage systems and can be easily integrated into irrigation systems and other operations that have backflow control systems in place that sometimes require a specific type of valve.


American Resilient Wedge Gate Valves Video

In addition to the flexibility of the ALPHA™ ends to accept a wide range of pipe materials and sizes, there are a number of other benefits to using these resilient wedge gate valves in your system. The ALPHA™ joint uses only a single top-mounted stainless steel bolt, making it much faster to install, increasing productivity and saving your team time in the trench. The ALPHA™ ends connection is also more accessible than similar end connections on the market, which require bolts on the bottom of the valve. In fact, these valves are so simple to install, one person can manage the job in a very short amount of time, unlike other current technology. This new single bolt system will also help create additional insurance against external corrosion. The restraint accessories are attached at the factory, cutting one more task off of your list, and they work with pressure to improve the restraint, reducing how much torque is required to get a good connection.

Exceeds Expectations

AMERICAN® Series 2500 Resilient Wedge Gate Valves meet a range of certifications and standards, including NSF/ANSI 61, NSF/ANSI 372 and the fusion-bonded epoxy coat meets ANSI/AWWA C550 standard. Beyond that, it's designed to have a smooth waterway design, improving pressure. It has a 100% leak-tight closure, which reduces leakage and waste in your waterworks system. It includes triple o-ring stem seals to provide redundancy and the thrust washer that are in place help ensure a tight seal and a solid connection.

As you can see, 4"-12" AMERICAN® Series 2500 Resilient Wedge Gate Valves with ALPHA™ Ends provides a strong, sturdy, reliable design that delivers exactly what you need from a gate valve. If you need additional information on these valves, please feel free to contact the experts at Team EJP today. At E.J. Prescott, our job is keeping your waterworks department running smoothly.

*ALPHA™ is a trademark of Romac Industries, Inc (U.S. Patent 8,894,100)

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