We've all had reclamation or revegetation projects that have had issues. The plants don't seem to grow well and the soil washes away again. Rainwater sits on the surface and won't soak in, causing a muddy mess or stuck vehicles. Whatever issues you've run into, did you know that you could avoid them through soil testing? Here's a quick look at the PS3 soil test and how it can help ensure that your next project goes smoothly.

Get In-Depth Results

ph testing with soil samplesTo start, when you run a soil test, you'll get information about that specific section of soil that can help you make a comprehensive plan that will deliver solid results. You'll find out about the soil texture, which impacts its erosion potential. The amount of organic matter will be reported, which tells you how well the soil will hold moisture, nutrients, and microbial life. The soil pH will be analyzed, along with the buffer pH to determine how easy or difficult it is to change the pH. Overall macronutrients will be tested, as well as the soil's excess carbonate and sodium adsorption ratio. The total dissolved solids and electrical conductivity of the soil will also be tested.

Provide Customized Amendments to Your Soil

The soil test will provide you with guidelines for interpretation to determine if the tested parameters are low, average or high. This allows you to make smart decisions about how to amend your soil to ensure optimum growth. PS3 will also provide prescriptive recommendations to help you get the best possible results with your reclamation project. Recommendations may include soil neutralizers, increasing organic matter, fertilizing with specific mixes of nutrients, planting specific plant species as part of your reclamation project, or similar approaches that will deliver strong results now and long into the future.

Ensure Exceptional Results

vegetable growing after using ps3 soil softwarePlants are living organisms that have specific requirements to thrive. By providing an optimal growing environment, you're ensuring that your project will have the best possible outcomes, with plant growth quickly taking off to secure fragile soils that are prone to erosion problems. The PS3 soil tests deliver information on all major macronutrients regularly tested for as well as zinc, copper, iron, manganese, boron, sodium and chloride, important micronutrients required for plant growth. Your soil's cation exchange capacity, which determines its ability to hold nutrients, is also tested at the time, helping you determine if you need to add material to help hold nutrients in the soil for your stabilization plants.

By using PS3 for your next project, you can incorporate a soil reclamation or revegetation plan that has a much higher chance of success, because it takes all aspects of the project into account. If you've completed a PS3 project and need help figuring out which soil stabilization materials are right for your projects, the experts at Team EJP are ready to help. Please feel free to contact us today for more information, with any questions or to place an order for our high-quality, field-tested water utility products.


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