Gabions and reno mattresses provide a rugged three-dimensional solution for some tough ground stabilization challenges.  Essentially gabions and reno mattresses are wire baskets filled with sized rock. Both provide protection in many applications, including bridge scour, steep slope protection, channel lining and more.

Close up image of Gabion blocks

Gabion and reno mattress technology dates back to ancient times, where wood and rock structures were used to stabilize soils and build fortifications.

Today, modern gabions are used extensively in highway and bridge construction applications.  They provide a very cost effective method for building retaining wall structures, high velocity waterways, stabilizing ground, and much more.  Gabions are essentially three-dimensional cubes. They provide both immediate protection and long-term stabilization. Reno mattresses, on the other hand, are flatter and more elongated, making them ideal for stream bed protection, spillway stabilization and channel construction..

Image of a single gabion block

Both products are available with several wire options, including galvanized steel, PVC coated galvanized steel, and in stainless steel.  Wire choice depends on the specific requirements of each site and application

Gabions can also be vegetated, allowing the products to be used in tough vertical applications, while, at the same time, providing high performance and aesthetic appeal.  In retaining wall applications, gabions are very competitive with modular block and concrete walls while delivering exceptional performance.

By incorporating gabions into your soil stabilization and erosion prevention plans, you can use these effective tools as part of your kit, allowing you to solve a multitude of problems. Not sure gabions and reno mattresses are right for your project?  Contact the professionals at Team EJP and request a free, no obligation site visit. Please feel free to contact us today to learn more.

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