Posted by Everett J. Prescott on Jan 28, 2016 12:24 PM

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At Team EJP, we know that some of the situations that develop in your waterworks system can be unique and require special services and products that you may not otherwise be familiar with or use on a regular basis. When you're facing a problem like that, it's often more practical in terms of manpower and budget to bring in outside help that is more familiar with dealing with the problem at hand instead of fumbling ahead while paying your people while they try to figure out unfamiliar equipment or the best way to solve the problem. Here are some of the services Team EJP offers to help you keep your department running smoothly and efficiently:

How Team EJP can save you time and effort through the services we offer

  • Main and Manhole Testing: When you need to test your lines or manholes for leaks, we offer fast, effective testing that saves you from having to buy specialized equipment.
  • Live and Pipeline Tapping: Whether it's live taps from 3/4" to 2" or main line taps from 4" to 24" that need to be performed without interrupting service, our expert servicemen will keep the lines flowing freely as tapping is taking place.
  • EJP Hydrant and DogValve and Hydrant Insertion and Repair: When you need a valve placed with no service interruption in lines 4" and larger, our team can get them in place quickly and efficiently. Our familiarity with a wide range of hydrants and valves ensures that repairs or insertions can happen quickly with minimal risk that your fire department will not have the necessary water available to stop active fires.
  • Leak Detection and Location: Leak detection and location is a science unto itself. Our expert team can quickly detect any leaks and locate them using our state of the art detection and location equipment so that further repairs may take place quickly and you can reduce system losses.
  • Camera Work: Getting a close look at the problem before you dig is important, but line cameras can be expensive and difficult to operate for the untrained waterworks employee. We'll do the work so you can see what the problem is in your lines, without disrupting service in most cases.
  • Trimble and Fire HydrantPipeline Locating and GIS Mapping: Having an accurate idea of where utilities are prior to construction or improvements being undertaken is vital to not only the service you provide your customers, but also to job site safety. We've partnered with Trimble to provide the best possible GIS information for our clients.
  • Emergency Service: When something goes badly wrong in the middle of the night, is your waterworks crew ready to handle it? If not, we always have experts on standby to help solve your problem quickly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Water Treatment and Metering: We can chlorinate and dechlorinate your new water lines to sanitize and clean them prior to putting them into service, providing superior safety.
  • Pipe Fusion, Trenchless Technology, Patching and Break Repairs: Because waterworks is all we do, we can help you with polyethylene pipe fusion, trenchless pipe replacement, patching broken pipe sections and repairing breaks in your water lines.

When you're faced with an unusual situation or one you don't have the tools to deal with, Team EJP is here to help. We can apply our expertise and specialized equipment to solve your problem quickly and efficiently, allowing you to quickly get the utilities restored to your customers with minimal disruption. Contact us today to find out how we can help you minimize your system downtime and provide an expert solution to your waterworks problems.

24-Hour Emergency Services From Team EJP