What if you didn’t have to turn off the water to install a new valve? 

What if the valve you installed let you quickly and easily divert water when needed with minimal disruption to service? 

What if the use of these valves made your city safer, enabling easier emergency response and planned maintenance, while reducing traffic disruption?  

Well - we have great news! Live valve insertion is not a dream: it’s a real-life solution. And with an inline insertion valve like the AVT EZ Valve, you can install these valves without ever disrupting the water flow. 

Check out this real-life case study where the EZ Valve from Advanced Valve Technologies® (AVT) helped one city save time, money, and property damage.  

EZ Valve isn’t the only online insertion valve on the market, but due to its quality design and AVT’s superior education and installation practices, it’s one of the most trusted valves you can choose. 

Why Choose Live Valve Insertion? 

Quite simply, turning off the water to install a new valve is a big pain in the neck! The best reason to choose live valve insertion is to reduce downtime and water disruption. Once you’ve leveraged the live valve insertion advantage, you get better control points for your water system for years to come. 

Team EJP certified EZ Valve installers completing the installation in Westfield, MA

Quick to install, using an innovative cutting technique which can be used at full pressure, the EZ Valve is available in sizes from 1.5” to 24”. Keep water flowing where and when you need it. Shut water off only where and when you need to do that. Save time and money - and skip the inconvenience with inline insertion valves. 

The benefits start with the very first step - valve installation! Because the valve can be safely installed with water flowing at full pressure, it starts working hard right away and doesn’t miss a beat. Contact our service team today to learn more about valve installation services. Team EJP is here to help you get started saving time and money with inline insertion valve installation! 

Save Time & Money 

Why shut off water to a whole road or section of town just to install a valve? Now you don’t have to. Choose an inline insertion valve to accelerate the valve installation process. An EZ Valve can be installed in as little as one hour. It only requires one excavation to install. Saving time, reducing water disruption, and minimizing property damage save money for your waterworks utility. That savings can enable more crucial upgrades to be made - like adding more EZ Valves to keep the water flowing! 

Advantages of Insertion Valves 

Traditional methods of controlling water flow can be a really big endeavor.

On the jobsite with Team EJP installing AVT EZ Valves in Westfield, MA

For example, to repair one fire hydrant, you might have to shut off the water to an entire street - unless you’re using inline insertion valves, which are inserted without turning off the water in the first place. Or, in a large commercial building, troubleshooting a broken pipe on one floor might impact water to every unit in the building. On a residential street, the old main at your neighbor’s home breaks, and suddenly the whole street is without water while repairs are made. 

An insertion valve allows you to control water flow far more easily! It’s a versatile option to make your water distribution system easier to repair, divert, and maintain. The hassle involved with shutting off water, excavating and digging up lines, and shutting off water can - and does - lead to necessary repairs being postponed. 

Versatile Control Points 

Maintenance, repair, and extension of these systems is tough without versatile control points. But creating those control points is tough, too, if you use traditional methods - which includes shutting off water to the area where valves are being placed.

Team EJP installing an AVT EZ Valve in Westfield, MA - four team members in the trench with the valve

Water systems weren’t designed with the 2020s in mind, with increased construction, growing communities, and the need for additional control points. If you could design an ideal water system, where would YOU place the valves? With EZ Valve - you can answer that question and then go put the valves exactly where you need them, without shutting off water.  

Better Emergency Response

With insertion valves waiting to isolate sections of the water supply system, it’s quicker and easier to respond to emergencies. Shutting off water at a hyper-localized level enables a quick response that doesn’t create more problems around the community. 

Better Advance Planning 

Knowing that easy to use insertion valves are installed at key control points throughout your water system enables better planning. Scheduled maintenance and upgrades are quicker and easier to perform when water can be shut off only when and where you really need it to be - and keep the rest of the community’s water flowing! 

Professional Installation and Support

Reliable, convenient, and certified to industry standards: the AVT EZ Valve.


Install, and then use, the valve in less than a day’s work. With professional installation and support, the AVT EZ Valve is an excellent choice for waterworks utilities. It’s available in sizes from 1.5” to 24” to fit just about any water line you can dig up. Our certified installers make sure the valve goes in and gets right to work. 

Keep the Water Flowing 

With live valve installation under pressure, the water stays flowing, and your job gets a lot easier. The creation of custom control points with a single excavation each, speedy installation by certified technicians, and no water disruption makes the AVT EZ Valve an easy choice. 

Choose inline insertion valves to start saving time and money from the very day you install the valve! 

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