Posted by Everett J. Prescott on Sep 19, 2019 9:27 AM

When you're working on an erosion control project, flow transition zones in front of culvert and pipe outfalls can be a serious issue. Sometimes it's covered in water, sometimes it's bare, and it's one of the most susceptible areas to erosion. Though many projects will use a large amount of rock riprap to control erosion in these areas, it's not always the best bet. Fortunately, the experts at InstaTurf have developed a much better solution - the InstaTurf ShearForce12 High Flow Scour Control Transition Mat. Here's a look at this dynamic new material and how it can benefit your next erosion control project.

shear-force-12-installLet's take a minute and talk about utilizing vegetation in place of rock for permanently stabilizing these scour prone areas. Typically, vegetation alone will not provide adequate soil protection and will wash out over time in the turbulent water flow pouring from pipes and culverts. Some form of material is necessary to protect these areas before and during vegetation establishment, as well as reinforce the vegetation roots and stems after establishment to permanently hold it in place.

The InstaTurf ShearForce12 High Flow Scour Control Transition Mat is a perforated turf reinforcement mat which also provides rock-solid erosion protection before the vegetation has reached maturity. Even under very high-flow conditions, it still works well to keep establishing vegetation and soil in place without the use of rock riprap. A one-inch thick simulated turf mat with a 0.5-inch thick rubber core, it features 1-1/2" apertures for plant growth, an incorporated engineered geotextile backing that removes the need for a separate underlayment and simulated grass blades that help reduce shear flow and deflect raindrops.

Once you've seeded your transition zone soil, you simply install these 3'x4' 30 lb. mats in place by laying and anchoring them, and then get on to your next task. Unlike rock, no heavy equipment is needed for over-excavation, hauling or placement. The monolithic mat includes a rubber core that provides sufficient ballast to prevent displacement and slows water flow and turbulence. These features make it a great option for culvert discharge, pipe outflows, and other turbulent flow areas.


The mats have an unvegetated permissible shear stress rating of over 12 lbs/SF according to ASTM D6460 Large Scale Channel Testing, making them a suitable replacement for +36 inch rock in areas of high turbulence, substantial wave action, and high shear water flows. They have a natural green color, creating the look of a grassed-in area even before vegetation growth. It's highly weather resistant and UV stable, enabling the use of vegetation in place of rock at a more cost-effective price point and less long-term maintenance. You can simply mow right over the mats once vegetated - hard to do with weed-infested rock riprap!

Interested in the Transition Mats but not quite sure whether they'll work well for your project or just need more information? The experienced professionals at Team EJP are ready to help! Please feel free to contact us today to get started.

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