Time to Deploy Smart Water/Wastewater Solutions That Make an Immediate Impact.

Today, LEC, Inc., a US-Based IIoT Solution Provider in the Water/Wastewater Industry, announced a strategic sales partnership with Everett J. Prescott, Inc. This partnership will expand LEC's distribution and sales of its iQ2 Cloud Solution and offer Team EJP and its extensive customer base access to the cost-saving solutions LEC offers. 

LEC and Team EJP will combine efforts to promote the use of LEC's cloud-based solutions for water-related applications, including those keys to securing the safety and optimized use of municipal water. Through secure hardware, software, and communications, LEC and EJP look to supply municipalities new and highly effective ways to manage this key resource. 

"The Water Industry relies on organizations like EJP to bring new and exciting solutions to market and better ways to solve water problems. LEC could not be more excited to onboard a partner than we are with EJP," states Brian Rosema, VP of IIoT at LEC. "The long and successful history they have in supporting this market and the municipalities they service will lead to a significant expansion in the value LEC has within a market with great need." "As Team EJP continues to explore new and innovative technology for our customers, LEC stood out as a vendor that could provide new tools and software for our clients. With their cost-effective monitoring solutions and iQ2 platform we are excited about the future of the two companies," says Team EJP's Smart Utility Manager Dan Burdin. "As utilities continue the need for data-driven decisions, solutions like that from LEC will be crucial to their successful operation." 

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