Team EJP has maintained a commitment for more than 65 years to the protection of our precious drinking water resources.  This began when our founder, the late Everett J. Prescott, opened his first location in Gardiner, Maine in 1955, and continues to this day.

This commitment faces significant challenges.   The industrial era brought about widespread pollution and contamination of water resources, both above and below ground.  When coupled with increasingly exploding world population, the pressure on the world supply of water has never been greater.

clean water from the source

The Clean Water of Act, signed into law in 1972, was a significant breakthrough in the business of water protection here in the United States.  This landmark legislation made it abundantly clear that our country was serious about the business of protecting the health and wellbeing of our citizens and our environment.  

As this law has taken root, technology and best management practices for water protection have evolved very rapidly.  At Team EJP, we have worked tirelessly to stay current with the best products and technical support that we can offer.

It is important to note that our founder, Everett J. Prescott, started developing our Quality, Conservation, Revenue (QCR) program, still active to this day, in 1968, four years before the Clean Water Act became law.   The program emphasizes the importance of making sound, practical and economically responsible decisions regarding water resource protection.  Early on, our founder’s vision foresaw important changes in the water industry that resonate to this day.

water droplet with people around itTeam EJP is far from alone in the effort to provide sound solutions in the world of water.AquaClara is a non-profit organization that devotes its efforts to helping find simple, affordable systems to help provide clean drinking water to people all over the world.  This is a serious problem, and in fact more than two billion people on our planet do not have access to clean water.

AquaClara’s efforts were initiated in 2005 by Dr. Robert McDonald, a retired businessman and engineer.  Dr. McDonald’s devoted his early efforts developing point of use water purification systems that required no power, had no moving parts, and could be made from local materials at locations all around the globe.

This non-profit’s work centers on training at local level to help developing countries create local enterprises based on water purification construction, sales and service.  After the appropriate technology was created, the company went to work in the field.  By 2008, purifiers had been installed in eight countries worldwide.  The company’s important work continues to this day.

In 2010 Dr. McDonald elected to leave AquaClara to pursue new technology development.  The important work he started, however, continues to grow and expand around the globe.

At Team EJP, dedication to providing the best possible solutions to our clients has been constant.  This involves not only providing the best possible products and solutions, but also to delivering the best possible service.

Team EJP Chief Executive Officer Peter Prescott, who joined the company in 1959, has consistently stressed the importance of education.  Over the years, Team EJP has consistently invested in training for its employees and clients.

Portland KNOW HOWIn 2007, Team EJP established its Know H2Ow® Seminar program.  The seminars, which have been delivered consistently throughout our nine state territory each year since then, focus on providing the latest industry information to our clients and customers, but also to government officials and private consultants and design professionals.  The events have been held live every year since 2007, and continued until the COVID-19 pandemic struck earlier this year.  Since that time, the training has shifted to a virtual format.  In the future, we look forward to again providing live events while continuing to offer remote learning opportunities as well.

Peter Prescott recently stated, “Education is very important to everyone in our industry.  That is why we have devoted so much time and so many resources to this effort.  As costs continue to increase, it is critical that we help everyone in the industry make the best possible investments in their future.”

Our water related challenges are very serious.  Our largest water sources are being drawn down at unsustainable levels.  During the industrial era alone the world filled in 75% of its wetlands.  Our wetlands not only hold water but also provide important filtration and carbon removal functions.

One of our industry’s most visionary figures was the late Dr. Ian McHarg.  More than 50 years ago Dr. McHarg published his masterwork, titled Design With Nature.  Simply stated, Dr. McHarg’s work was a plea to get to work on restoring our natural environment.  In his words, “after centuries of mistakenly believing that we could exploit the landscape without consequence (design without nature) we have now entered an era of extreme climate change marked by rising seas, resource depletion, desertification, ecosystem migration, and unprecedented rates or series extinction.”

These words resonate a strongly today as they did when first published 53 years ago.

In partnership with our vendor partners, Team EJP is committed to supporting the efforts of all our industry partners to provide the best possible solutions to the challenges faced in the world of water. If you have any questions about products or services that are offered, please don't hesitate to call Team EJP Today!

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