Posted by Everett J. Prescott on Feb 12, 2019 8:12 AM

When it comes to having the right options, tools and features for your water utility, there is a world of options available for your use. However, it can be difficult to decide between different options when you don't have the opportunity to see them in action in real life. Fortunately, Team EJP has recognized this challenge and created a library of video tutorials and demonstrations to help you decide which features and products are right for your water utility's challenges. Here's a quick look at four of the most popular videos we have in our library to help you decide.

How To Bell Pipe

This video covers the entire process of belling pipe to create a solid connection. This includes how to properly clean the inside and outside of the pipe of any buildup or debris prior to assembly, what to look for in the gasket that is used when joining the pipes, how to install the gasket that is used and how to lubricate the pipe ends to ensure they slide together smoothly. If you've ever wondered how to bell pipe, this video covers the entire process, making it crystal clear.

Alpha Technology

If you've ever wondered how Alpha ends really work, this video helps you gain a better understanding of the mechanisms involved. It includes details on how the cam mechanisms help grip the pipe and how the rubber gasket pulls up to create a solid seal, making it clear how the technology allows the water pressure to continue gripping the pipe, even if the bolt were to fail. The video also includes a demo of how to install an Alpha valve, including how to fit the valve onto the pipe, how impact drills can be used for the majority of the process to save time and how to finish the process with a standard ratchet wrench.

Grip Ring Technology

This video goes into fine detail about how grip ring technology is installed, including ensuring that the pipe is clean prior to placement of the materials, in what order items should be placed on the pipe, how to handle the grip ring and rubber ring to improve performance, lubricating the pipe, how to install the parts together and in what order and at what torque to install the bolts. 

A Time Comparison: Alpha vs Grip Rings

Have you ever wondered what the real-world difference is in installation time between Alpha and grip rings? This video shows you a time-elapsed video with each product being used side-by-side, allowing you to quickly draw your own conclusions about the fast installation process of the Alpha system.

We hope these videos will help decide between different features, products, materials and options, but when it comes down to it, only you can decide what will work best for your water utility's specific situation. Fortunately, that doesn't mean you need to make that decision alone. If you have questions, need more details or want more information about any of the products and services you see mentioned in our videos, the experienced professionals at Team EJP are standing by to help. Please feel free to contact us today to get started.

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