Posted by Everett J. Prescott on Dec 10, 2019 2:04 PM

With water quality standards receiving a stronger level of focus and environmental regulation on the forefront, water runoff has become a hot topic for engineers, water utilities, industrial companies and municipalities around the country. But what if you're having to deal with potential issues involving zinc and dissolved metals in your roof runoff? What solution can you bring to bear that will reduce your levels to below action levels? If this is an issue that you're facing, the Zinc-B-Gone line of rooftop runoff filtration products may be a strong contender for a solution. Learn more about these issues and how these stormwater filtration products can provide great options for your needs.

What is Zinc-B-Gone?

Zinc-B-Gone Basic and Zinc-B-Gone Pro are passive media filtration systems that substantially reduce dissolved metals, including zinc, from your rooftop zinc-water-runoff runoff and other applications where dissolved metals are present. The Basic system includes a sorptive media that works well on roof runoff. In addition to zinc, Zinc-B-Gone can also reduce the amount of lead and copper in your roof runoff, metals that are often considered harmful if they show up in the environment in excessive amounts. Attaching to your downspouts, the filtration system is installed above ground and is entirely passive. The Zinc-B-Gone Pro is a scalable unit that can process up to 1,200 gallons of stormwater per minute from rooftops measuring acres in size. 

What are Zinc-B-Gone's Features?

The filtration media is housed in a heavy-duty lockable tank that is designed for years of durable operation. Because it uses passive filtration in its operation, there is no need for harsh chemicals, time-consuming backwash processes or power. The lid of the Basic downspout system opens quickly and easily, making it simple to inspect and maintain. The Pro system’s top is open with a flexible cover as an option. Because both units have a passive, gravity-fed system with no moving parts, the potential points of failure within the system are minimal. This overall design means that you'll simply be able to hook up the filtration system to your downspouts and forget about it, allowing you to focus on keeping your business or organization operating at peak efficiency.

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What Applications does Zinc-B-Gone Work Well In?

There is a wide range of situations in which high levels of dissolved metals, including zinc can be problematic, leading a facility to take action to keep discharge below critical action levels. One hidden source of dissolved zinc is runoff from industrial rooftops, especially those that have aged and are beginning to corrode, with zinc being a common metal used in treating steel structures to prevent rust. Another potential application is when cooling towers contaminated-roof-top-runoff have blow-down that contains high levels of dissolved metals that need to be reduced before re-entering the water cycle. Mining operations often have a heavy metal load in their runoff, requiring a strategy to keep their discharge below action levels. When steel is galvanized, protections must be put into place to remove pollutants from stormwater leaving the site.

High levels of zinc or dissolved metals in your roof runoff can be problematic, but the media filtration process available in the Zinc-B-Gone line of filtration products provides an effective solution to bring pollutants in rooftop runoff to levels below action levels. As a leader in the water industry, Team EJP provides a range of options for keeping water moving and providing solid solutions for its customers. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions, for more details on Zinc-B-Gone or to discover whether this product is right for your needs.

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