Posted by Everett J. Prescott on Jun 21, 2019 2:09 PM


At Team EJP, we're dedicated to helping our clients find complete solutions for their water utility needs. If you're constantly dealing with repairing potholes or need to patch pavement issues around manholes, meters and other areas of concern, we've discovered a fabulous product that will help you break out of the repair, patch and repeat cycle that is so common with pavement. American Road Patch™ Peel and Seal Repair provides a unique material that delivers strong results - keep reading to learn more!

Unlike other products, which simply create a patch in the existing pavement, American Road Patch™ actually embeds into the roadway to form a waterproof seal. Water getting into the cracks and crevices around a patch job is what causes pavement repairs to fail. Through freeze-thaw cycles, American Road Patch™ prevents the water from getting into those spaces in the first place. ARP properly contains and strengthens, delivering a solid road surface with less maintenance down the road.

See the American Road Patch™ Peel and Seal Repair in Action

Filling potholes often only delays the problem, requiring more work later on. ARP is easy-to-apply and does not require any special equipment or expensive trucks.. The included high-strength fiberglass grid provides a strong level of reinforcement, preventing it from pulling away from the rest of the roadway. It's designed to form a strong bond to both asphalt and concrete, making it perfect for margins where the pavement changes. The patented technology has been shown to withstand plows when installed correctly, making it a great option for those cold New England, Mid-Atlantic or Midwestern winters. American Road Patch™ makes it possible to quickly and easily complete repairs without shutting down long sections of roadway while minimizing risk to your workers and aggravating residents.

"Innovative Pothole Repairing Method" -

road-patch-graphicSo how does it work exactly? It's produced in sheet form, with a simple release paper backing that is removed after the piece has been cut down to size. Simply measure out the amount that you need, remove the backing paper, turn the patch sticky side down onto the pavement, and tamp into place to create a solid seal that will preserve your repair for many years to come. It doesn't add much more work than you are already doing, and the repair will last for many years. No more messing with sticky, dripping sealants that don't work well. No more closing down roads and hoping nobody drives over the repair before the sealant sets. Less repairs year after year after year.

Not sure if American Road Patch is the right one for your water utility or government project? Ask the experts at Team EJP about it? All you have to do is contact us today with any questions, to request more information or to discover more about this dynamic new product..

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