Magikist Pipe Thawing Maching

With winter setting in, do you know what your options are if your mains freeze? The holiday season is just a few weeks away, and there's nothing worse than missing that big dinner with family to work on thawing out frozen lines with equipment ill-suited to the problem at hand. At Team EJP, we're proud to partner with quality companies like Maine Security, a full-time security company that provides third-party administration. They take your calls and direct Team EJP's highly trained professionals and equipment to where they're needed most, including our innovative Magikist pipe thawing technology. That means your mains get thawed, your customers get their service back on and you get to enjoy your time with your family.

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What is the Magikist pipe thawing machine?

In service for over 15 years, the Magikist thawing machine provides safe, effective thawing of your service lines. It's a self-contained thawing system that can be operated by a single technician with a compact design that can be moved up and down stairs if needed. It avoids the potential fire risk that other thawing systems use while providing fast, efficient thawing solutions.

What does it do to thaw my frozen mains?

Front View Of The Magikist Pipe Thawing Machine

The Magikist uses a combination of flow rate and pulse strength to move heated water down into your main and to thaw the blockage. It can be used effectively on plastic mains in addition to copper and iron. The spray head is fed down to the blockage and then sprays heated water under pressure and high flow to thaw and break up the blockage. After the water is fed down and sprayed, it's pulled back up by the spray head to be reused in the stainless steel water tank and reheated to be reused, which helps prevent additional pressure on your lines and wastes less water in the process.

What are its features?

The Magikist is an industrial-grade machine that is designed to be easily operated and maintained by a single user. It has a stainless-steel water supply and tank with an immersion heater. The powder-coated steel frame provides years of durable service. It feeds easily as the probe tip is both self-centering and self-feeding, reducing the operator's workload. The variable flow and pulse controls allow you to adjust for maximum pulse in areas where the tubing needs to be fed or to maximum flow when you reach the main blockage. It comes with a reel for easy tube storage and reels with 100 feet and 200 feet of tubing, which can be added to for longer-reaching situations.

Do I have to buy the machine and train my people?

Magikist Pipe Device

Nope, that's the best part. At Team EJP, we know it takes serious resources and time commitments to learn how to properly use machinery like the Magikist, time and resources many municipalities or plants can ill afford. At Team EJP, we provide 24-hour emergency service using our specialized equipment and highly-trained technicians to help get your mains thawed and functional as quickly as possible without the risk of additional damage cased by untrained technicians who aren't familiar with the technology, helping you lower your total overhead and operations cost.

With the holidays just around the corner, keep the contact information for Maine Security or Team EJP on hand just in case of an emergency. We offer 24-hour emergency service including main thawing, insertion valves and leak detection. At Team EJP, we're ready to help keep your maintenance needs on track. Please contact us today with any questions or to determine the best solutions to your utility main problems.

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