Posted by Everett J. Prescott on Mar 19, 2019 9:51 AM


As part of a family of companies that are dedicated to the water utility industry, Team QWP delivers high-quality cast iron and ductile iron solutions for your waterworks, drain and sewer needs. Among the products we offer is the Pamrex Ductile Iron Frame and Manhole Cover. This series gives you yet another solution to exceed your expectations. We feel that it goes above and beyond to provide you with quality products for your water utility's needs. Here's a quick glance of the benefits you'll realize when adding these quality fittings to your next project..

S-20, HS-25, & M306 Durable:

Have heavy traffic? This system has been rated to take over 120,000 pounds, standing up to the toughest traffic with ease while delivering easy access and strong performance for many decades to come.

Safety in Locking Lids:pamrex-cover-closed

The locking lids in the frame and cover keep everyday tasks from turning into a preventable injury. Their covers lock open at 130º and can also lock at 90º for sewage inspection tasks.

Built-In Ergonomics:

Manhole covers are heavy! If you're tired of bending down to lift them, the covers are designed so that simply inserting a crowbar or common waterworks tool at 35º lets you just open the lid with a light pull while fully standing.

Easy-Open Hinges:pamrex-cover-opening

Why make your crew lift heavy cast iron covers when they could just swing the cover up and out of the way? The strong hinges incorporated in the rings and covers use half the pressure, reducing workers comp claims while staying stress-free under traffic.

Optional Anti-Theft Lock:

Are you tired of having your manhole covers going missing? Stop paying for expensive replacements when you include Pamrex's optional anti-theft cover lock, which is designed to work seamlessly with the entire system.

Strong Ductile Iron:

The whole system is manufactured from only the strongest, toughest ductile iron, from the conventional key opening to the long-lasting frame. This reduces maintenance and improves lifespan, using half the weight to deliver four times the strength.pamrex-open-cover

Quiet Elastomer Ring:

The elastomer ring has a burp feature to relieves system pressure while avoiding infiltration issues. At the same time, the solid hinges keep the lid stationary to prevent displacement. The bedding slots manufactured into the system allows whatever bedding material you're using to pass through, creating a stronger seal when paired with the chimney section.

There are many benefits for using the Pamrex Ductile Iron Frame and Cover with your water utility, and Quality Water Products is more than ready to deliver the same strong, reliable customer service and support you've come to expect from us over the years. Why not take a look at everything the system has to offer? If you're not sure if it's the right solution for you, reach out today for more information, with any questions or to get a quote.

PAMREX Manhole covers informational guide download