Posted by Everett J. Prescott on Dec 11, 2018 3:42 PM

As a sister company to EJ Prescott, Team EJP would like to introduce you to Quality Water Products, focusing on pipe fabrication. As part of the family of companies dedicated to serving the water utility industry above and beyond expectations, Team QWP provides high-quality cast iron and ductile iron solutions for your waterworks, drain and sewer needs. One of the products we're particularly proud of is the Pamrex Ductile Iron Frame and Manhole Cover, providing you with yet another solution that exceeds your expectations and goes above and beyond to deliver quality products for your water utility. Here's a quick list of reasons why you'll want to add these quality materials to your next project.

Pamrex Covers and Frames
  • HS-20, HS-25, & M306 Tough: Heavy traffic? The Pamrex system is rated to over 120,000 pounds, taking the toughest traffic you can throw at it with ease while continuing to provide easy access and high-quality performance for decades to come.
  • Locking Safety: Locking lids on the Pamrex frame and cover help prevent everyday work from turning into a preventable tragedy. The covers lock open to 130º and locks at 90º for sewage pipework inspection.
  • Ergonomic Flexibility: Tired of bending down to lift those heavy covers out of the way? The Pamrex covers are designed so that the simple insertion of a crowbar or common waterworks tools at 35º allows you to simply open the lids with a light pull while fully standing.
  • Easy-Access Hinge: Why lift heavy ductile iron covers when you can simply swing the manhole cover up and out of your way? The heavy-duty hinges integrated with the rings and covers reduces half the pressure needed and your workers comp claims while remaining stress-free during traffic.
  • Optional Anti-Theft Cover Lock: Tired of having manhole covers going missing? You won't have that problem when you include the optional anti-theft cover lock, designed to work seamlessly with the Pamrex system.
  • Resilient Ductile Iron: From the conventional key opening to the strong, durable frame, the entire Pamrex system is created from the strongest, most resilient ductile iron, reducing maintenance and improving lifespan at half the weight and four times the strength.
  • Elastomer Ring Quiet: BANG! You won't hear that when you incorporate the Pamrex system into your operation. Instead of noisy metal-on-metal contact between the cover and frame, there's a virtually soundless elastomer ring that reduces road noise and traffic shock.
Pamrex Covers and Frames
  • Pressure Relief Without Displacement or Infiltration: Another aspect of the elastomer ring is its part in the burp feature that relieves pressure on the system without allowing infiltration. At the same time, the hinges keep the lid in place, preventing displacement. At the same time, the bedding slots allow whatever bedding material you use to pass through and create a stronger seal with your manhole's chimney section.
  • Seamless and Apparent Frames: Want to show off your design or make it as subtle as possible? With Pamrex, you've got options in either direction, with classy apparent frames or those that simply sink into the surface.
  • Self-Centered in a Good Way: The Pamrex system delivers superior stability through its self-centering mechanism. This also prevents suction from building up under tire pressure from passing traffic.

The Pamrex Ductile Iron Frame and Cover delivers many strong benefits for your water utility, and as a partner company to EJ Prescott, Quality Water Products is ready to provide the same strong, reliable customer service and support you've come to expect from Team EJP over the decades. So what's stopping you? Take a look at just how much Team QWP has to offer its clients and then reach out today for more information, with any questions or to get a quote.

PAMREX Manhole covers informational guide download