End users expect their water departments to respond immediately to an interruption in service, regardless of the time – night or day. Our customers deserve that same response from us. For that reason, we have a policy of providing 24-hour-a-day emergency service for our customers who need that help. We realize, too, that some towns and contractors cannot justify purchasing costly service equipment for the minimal use it would receive each year. As a result, services such as pipe tapping, valve insertions, leak locating, in-line large water meter testing and sewer line air testing have become a major part of our business. Some of our competitors think it foolish to worry about good service as much as we do. What do you think? We are a customer-oriented company. Since our inception, service has been our most important business. We have continually increased the services available to you, our valued customer, to the point where we offer the most complete and extensive service department in the business. Listed below are the services available; some are for both water and sewer applications.

Drilling and Tapping Icon

Live Taps: 3/4" - 2" service taps.

Valve and Tapping Icon

Valve Insertions: in-line placement of valves 4" and larger in pipelines without interruption of service.

Pipeline Tapping Icon

Pipeline Tapping 4" Thru 24": Main line taps done under pressure with no interruption of service. Includes installation of the tapping sleeve by our trained serviceman using our equipment and more.

Pipe and Valve Locating Icon

Pipeline and Valve Locating: prior to construction or when updating records, let our experienced people locate your underground utilities.

Valve and Hydrant Maintenance Icon

Installation and Repair of Hydrants and Valves: our experience with a variety of valves and hydrants will help keep your fire protection always on line.

Leak Locating Icon

Leak Locating: leaks allow valuable water to be lost. Let us help locate the problem with electronic state-of-the-art locators.

PEP Trasnportation Icon

PEP Transportation: has the equipment and the people you need to keep your project moving on track and on time!

Leak Detection Surveys Icon

Leak Detection Surveys: we can survey your complete system for leaks and help you reduce your water production costs.

Water Pressure Testing Icon

Water Main Pressure Testing: high pressure hydrostatic testing, chlorinating and dechlorinating of newly installed or repaired water lines.

Chlorinating Service Icon

Chlorinating and Dechlorinating: chlorination is a process used to purify water lines prior to placing them into service.

Sewer Icon

Sewer Force Main Testing: piping integrity proven through low pressure hydrostatic testing.

Sewer Line Air Testing Icon

Sewer Line Air Testing and Leak Locating: sewer acceptance testing and leak locating on new or repaired sewer installations, utilizing a low pressure air system.

Manhole Vacuum Air Testing Icon

Manhole Vacuum Testing: quickly tests the seal on new manhole installations with an innovative vacuum method.

Emergency Service Icon

Break Repairs: quick repairs day or night, by our experienced people keep your water customers in service.

Fusion Services Icon

Polyethylene Fusion Services: we can handle all of your fusion work including the complete pipeline. We can also fabricate special fittings, adaptors, standpipes; anything made of polyethylene.

Flow Meter Installation: flow recording, totalizing, chart recorders and chemical feed pump control are all available.

Meter Installation and Testing: we can install complete meter systems and we can test 5/8" thru 6" meters in our shop. Larger meters are field tested.

Meter and Backflow Services Icon

Backflow Preventer Installation and Testing: trained personnel will install and test all or just one or two of the backflow preventers needed in your system.

Fire Hydrant Icon

Hydrant Flow Testing: we can survey and test your complete system.

Coring Icon

Coring: we can core holes in manholes, reservoirs, pump stations and other concrete structures.

Trenchless Technology Icon

Trenchless Technology: pipe bursting, slip lining, video inspection, etc. We can help.

Value Added Service™: is designed to maximize EJP's distribution inventory and minimize your utility's inventory.

Value Lease Program Icon

Value Lease Program: provides a way to purchase needed water, sewer, and drain supplies at today's prices and pay for them over a period of time, according to the terms of the lease.

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