V.A.S Program CTA

V.A.S. Team EJP

At EJP we have developed a program called "Value Added Services" (V.A.S.) which is designed to maximize EJP's distribution inventory and minimize your utility's inventory.

This program has a series of realistic goals, all designed to save your water utility major investment dollars. In addition, our V.A.S. Program provides a hands-on, simple reorder program for your inventory control.

To implement a V.A.S. Program for your water utility it will be necessary for both EJP and your utility staff to mutually establish inventory reorder points.

EJP's intention is to remove your utility's slow moving and/or overstocked materials over a reasonable period of time, giving maximum benefit to the utility.

The overall goal of EJP's V.A.S. Program is to provide your utility with the products and service you need on a timely basis and at a competitive price, while still saving the utility major dollars in inventory investment.

For more information on the key features of this exciting program please call your local EJP Representative.