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Fabrication Shop

In response to the growing need to expand the "Full Service Concept", E.J. Prescott, Inc. now offers metal and plastic pipe fabrication, in addition to direct technical support. These services are available at the Quality Water Products fabrication facility located in South Barre, Mass.

The QWP machine shop capabilities are geared specifically to all types of flanged and grooved pipe as well as drilling, tapping, welding and other diverse fabrications. Although the metal and plastic pipe fabrication facility is capable of handling the full range of pipe size requirements, the primary goal is the rapid response and production of quality fabrications in the 3" to 42" range.

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Certification to NSF 61

The QWP fabrication shop at South Barre, Mass. is a member of the National Association of Pipe Fabricators and has been additionally inspected and classified by Underwriters' Laboratories Inc. as an approved facility to produce flanged pipe meeting ANSI/NSF 61 requirements and ANSI/AWWA A21.15/C-115.

Fabricated Flange Pipe

At the QWP Facility we fabricate Class 53 Ductile Iron flanged pipe to your exact requirements. Pipe sizes from 3" thru 42" are available in lengths up to 19 feet in the following configurations and options:

  • Flange x Flange
  • Flange x Plain End
  • Flange x MJ
  • Flange x PJ (push joint)
  • Pipe Taps
  • Class 250 Flange Pipe
  • Flanges Drilled & Tapped For Studs (for flush mount where needed)
  • Roll grooving stainless steel pipe

Grooved Joint Ductile Iron Pipe

Ductile Iron piping is also available with cut grooved ends. Pipe is normally grooved to "Flexible" radius groove dimensions as per AWWA C-606. Used in conjunction with an approved coupling, this connection will permit a moderate amount of pipe movement.

Because the coupling gasket seals against the outside surface of the pipe between the groove and the end of the pipe, it is critical that this area is free of conditions that would prevent a good seating surface for the gasket.

Wall Pipes

Similar to Wall Sleeves in function, Wall Pipes are used as the connection between pipe lines that pass through a wall. Unlike Wall Sleeves however, Wall Pipes connect to the pipeline.

Wall Pipes mate with the adjoining piping as plain end, flange end, grooved end or mechanical joint and are usually furnished with a waterstop.

Both flange and mechanical joint ends are available as "Tapped for Studs", when a "Flush" installation is specified.

Ordering Information

Here are some basic things to understand before ordering plastic pipe fabrication products:

  • Size: Size is the nominal Ductile Iron pipe size.
  • Length: Overall length (flange face-to-face) is considered standard unless laying length is specified.
  • Exterior Coating: Standard exterior coating is bituminous and/or enamel sealant or approved red primer. Two part epoxy coatings are available.
  • End Connections: Specify type (flange, plain end, MJ, grooved or any combination of these) and optional requirements such as pipe taps or flanges "Tapped for Studs".
  • Waterstop: Normally centered on pipe (3/8" thick x 11/2" high).


Resources, space and equipment are available at the South Barre, Mass, QWP facility to handle such projects as pre-assembled meter vaults, control valve pits or most any other type of flanged piping structure.

HDPE Fabrications: 

In addition to fusion equipment sales and rentals (see Section O pages O-30-32) and field fabrications by our fusion technicians, (see page Q-15) our machine shop is now expanding into special fabrications of High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE).

QWP Fabrication Shop

  • Plant Work (materials only)
    • Treatment Plants
    • Pumping Stations
    • Specialized Process Piping
  • Plant Work (complete)
    • Metering vaults built to order
    • Special valve vaults built to order such as:
      • Pressure Reducing Valve Vaults
      • Altitude Control Valve Vaults
      • Custom Fabricated HDPE Fittings
  • Quoting, based on:
    • Customer supplied list
    • Plant generated take-offs

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