Manhole vacuum tests are quick to set up and run. It takes twenty minutes or less to test a new manhole under normal conditions. Any leaks that may exist are detectable immediately, unlike water testing which can be very time consuming.

This Service Includes:

  • Tests on either 24" or 30" manhole openings.
  • Manhole vacuum tester, pump, hoses, tools and other necessary equipment.
  • Supplying and installing necessary sewer pipe plugs prior to testing.
  • Experienced, insured personnel to perform the vacuum test.
  • Certified test results for owner, contractor and engineer.


  • Stop unnecessary infiltration through manhole structures.
  • Find leaks prior to backfilling, allowing repairs without digging.
  • No water is needed for testing, eliminating the need of hauling or pumping water.
  • Fast — usually takes 20 minutes or less for each manhole.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The customer is responsible for sealing leaks. We recommend this be done at the same time as the testing. Please have personnel and patching material ready.