We provide state-of-the-art leak detection services for our customers.

Most importantly, we offers the additional advantage of skilled personnel, people with years of experience in water utility operations; they fully understand transmission and distribution systems.

As you are well aware, water conservation has become the byword of today and a concern for the future. Unaccounted for water is lost revenue.

Leakage Costs Chart


  • Reduce unaccounted for water.
  • Reduce lost revenue.
  • Conserve precious water supplies.
  • Reduce pumping and treatment costs.
  • Locate leaks in new lines minimizing excavation costs.

Water costs money… don't waste it!

A dripping faucet or fixture can waste 3 gallons a day… a total of 1095 gallons a year.

Conserve Water and Save Money!

This is a reminder from your local water utility and Invensys, a leader in flow measurement equipment and systems.

Waste per quarter chart

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