Our service department can core holes 4" thru 16" in diameter through concrete. Manholes, pipe, foundation walls, floors and structural slabs are all candidates for coring. This system allows you to install new pipe into existing structures or pour foundation floors and walls with the practical idea of coring for the pipe penetrations later.

This Service Includes:

  • All necessary tools and equipment to perform the coring.
  • Experienced, insured personnel to perform the procedure.
  • Fully guaranteed work.


  • Safe — hydraulically operated, no fumes in the trench.
  • Portable — self-contained hydraulic reservoir, water tank, pump and hoses.


  • Adequate excavation.
  • Surface water removal, if necessary.
  • Crushed stone to stabilize the trench bottom, if necessary.
  • Trench shoring as needed.
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