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Contech Engineered Solutions Modular Wetlands System

Modular Wetlands System Linear

The Modular Wetlands System Linear (MWS Linear) is often considered the most trusted standard for stormwater compliance, as it is the only stormwater biofilter using horizontal flow which improves performance and minimizes maintenance.

The MWS Linear has superior pollutant removal for total suspended solids (TSS), heavy metals, nutrients, hydrocarbons, and bacteria; taking up a smaller footprint while providing more treatment surface area.

Contech Engineered Solutions Kraken Membrane Filter

Kraken Membrane Filter

The Kraken Filter is a state-of-the-art system utilizing advanced membrane filtration, ensuring a high level of removals for total suspended solids (TSS), phosphorus, nutrients, metals, trash, and hydrocarbons. The Kraken (membrane) Filter provides high flow rates, while the system can operate at a low loading rate to ensure maximum performance, minimum maintenance, and far less clogging.

Contech Engineered Solutions SciCloneX Separator

SciCloneX Separator

The SciCloneX Separator is the first of its kind to offer efficient hydrodynamic separation. Its simple design allows for high total suspended solids (TSS) removal efficiencies, (80% for a particle size distribution typically found in stormwater runoff), internal bypass, and efficient capture/retention of free floating oils and trash. It is widely considered the easiest separator to maintain in the industry.

Contech Engineered Solutions Catch Basin Inlet Filters

Catch Basin Inlet Filters

The Contech Engineered Solutions Catch Basin Inlet Filters are insertable systems designed to capture fine to coarse sediments, floatable trash, debris, total suspended solids (TSS), nutrients, metals, and hydrocarbons conveyed in stormwater runoff. The filter system is available in four different model types: Full Capture Type, Multi-Level Screen Type, Kraken Filter Type, and the Media Filter Type.


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