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In the 'Colonies,' some of the First water pipes were made of wood. The connections to the water pipe, called 'plugs,' were used to bring water to individual homes. Those service plugs were bought from a company known as the 'corporation.'

Today, wooden pipes and those olden plugs have made way for modern service brass, a product of man's ingenuity and his need to bring water to wherever it is used. Service brass itself has changed with time so that now it represents the best in manufacturing and design. However, all service brass is not alike in quality or reliability.

We know that our customers must have confidence in a product that will withstand harsh soil conditions, changes in pressure, line shifting and the passage of time. We want you to know that our service brass is worthy of that confidence.

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Space Saver Flange (Pipe)

Space Saver Flange (Meter)