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PVC Pressure Pipe AWWA C-900-07

PVC C-900-07 Water Pipe is recommended for critical uses such as fire-lines and municipal water mains. C-900-07 is both U.L. and F.M. approved and is designed with a safety factor of 2.0 with an additional allowance for surge. Its ductile iron O.D. allows direct connection to M.J. fittings, valves and pipe.

PVC Pressure Pipe—(polyvinyl chloride) is a flexible conduit capable of carrying water and other fluids under pressure. PVC pipe has several benefits, including: superior corrosion resistance, increased flow capacity, and lighter weight. PVC pipe is available in a variety of pressure ratings to serve a wide range of applications such as municipal water systems, fire protection loops, rural water systems, agricultural and irrigation pipelines and sewer force mains.

PVC Pressure Pipe— Large Diameter AWWA C-905

High capacity transmission pipes with Ductile Iron O.D.'s in pressure ratings of 100 PSI (DR-41.3), 165 PSI (DR-25) and 235 PSI (DR-18) come in 14" thru 30" sizes. These pipes advance extrusion technology and bring proven PVC pipe efficiency and durability to a wider range of buried fluid transfer systems such as raw and finished water supplies, sewage force mains and irrigation systems.

PVC Pressure Pipe Bionax™ PVC Pressure Pipe

Bionax is a molecularly-enhanced PVC pipe designed for water mains, sewage force mains, irrigation lines and industrial process piping. Made from biaxially-oriented PVC material, Bionax has almost double the strength of conventional PVC and three times the impact absorption capability.

While millions of feet of earlier versions of oriented PVC have been installed, Bionax is manufactured using a revolutionary new orientation process, previously unavailable in North America. This ultra high-tech process orients the PVC molecules both in the axial and circumferential directions (biaxial orientation), resulting in a pipe with enhanced toughness and flexibility even when compared to earlier versions of oriented PVC.

Bionax is specially engineered to withstand the rigors of today’s installations. With less construction inspection and less regular maintenance, the market is calling for a pipe that is more robust, stronger and easier to install. Bionax delivers on all three counts.

PVC Pressure Pipe Certa-Lok™ VIP Restrained Joint

The Certa-Lok VIP Restrained Joint PVC Pipe is the first non-metallic restrained joint system designed for use in municipal water and fire protection systems. The Certa-Lok VIP Restrained Joint PVC Municipal Pipe and Couplings provide a restrained joint by utilizing precision-machined grooves on the pipe and in the coupling which, when aligned, allow a spline to be inserted, resulting in a fully circumferential restrained joint that locks the pipe and coupling together. A flexible elastomeric seal (“O”-Ring) in the coupling provides a hydraulic pressure seal.

When installed in accordance with CertainTeed’s Vinyl-iron pipe* installation guide procedures and used with an FM (Factory Mutual) approved restrained mechanical joint fitting system, it is designed to eliminate costly concrete thrust blocks in a properly engineered water system.

PVC Schedule 40 Pressure Pipe

PVC Schedule 40 Pressure Pipe features make it ideal for use in numerous industrial, commercial, municipal and residential applications. Like SDR pressure pipe (see page A-24) Schedule 40 has a built-in long term pressure safety factor of 2 to 1. However, unlike SDR pressure pipe which has a specific pressure rating in all sizes, Schedule 40’s maximum pressure rating (figured at 72.4°F) varies with each size (see Pipe Selection Chart on A-36).

Pressure ratings for transmitting warmer or cooler liquids can be determined using the “Conversion Chart …” shown on page A-36. The maximum recommended temperature for Schedule 40 PVC is 130°F. PVC Schedule 40 pipe and fittings can be joined using solvent cement.

Sewer Pipe

The choice of contractors and municipalities*, SDR 35 PVC Sewer Pipe offers the following advantages in both solid wall and perforated pipe:

  • Chemical Resistance.
  • Abrasion Resistance.
  • High flow characteristics permit the use of smaller diameter pipe and flatter grades for installation.
  • Locked-in gasket protects against loss and eliminates the need for field installation.
  • The flexible joint allows for linear expansion and contraction.
  • Perforated pipe available with or without a gasket.
  • No cementing of joints is required for installation.

Sewer and Drain pipe is available for domestic sewer and drain, septic systems, foundation underdrains, and other non-pressure drainage applications. It is not damaged by soil shifting, frost, freezing or thawing conditions when proper bedding and backfilling are used. Its construction provides rust, corrosion, moisture, and root proof installation, with high flow capacity. S&D pipe is lightweight, easy to handle and install.

This pipe is available in 4" and 6" sizes, both solid and perforated, with standard bell and spigot laying lengths of 10'. No gaskets or cement are required to complete the joint assembly.


  • Ease of Installation – Schedules 40 and 80 PVC nonmetallic conduits are 1 ⁄4 to 1 ⁄5 the weight of metallic systems, can be installed in less than half the time and are easily fabricated on the job.
  • Safety – Schedules 40 and 80 PVC nonmetallic conduits are non-conductive, assuring a safe system.
  • Impact Resistant – Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 nonmetallic conduits are resistant to sunlight and are UL Listed for exposed or outdoor usage. The use of expansion fittings allows the system to expand and contract with temperature variations.
  • Corrosion Resistant – Schedules 40 and 80 PVC conduits are nonmetallic and will not rust or corrode.

About PVC Pipe and Products

PVC Pipe and products are the result of using innovative technologies to offer reliable and durable service. Unmatched performance benefits have powered PVC to replace many traditional materials. These benefits include:

  • Lightweight - The relatively low weight of PVC Products mean that workers are less likely to be injured on the job.
  • Flexibility - Most PVC products have the ability to yield under loading without fracturing.
  • Watertight Joints - PVC connections are available with deep insertion, push-together, gasketed or solvent cement joints.
  • Coefficient of Friction - PVC material and piping provide a smoother wall surface which reduce fluid friction and resistance to flow.
  • Longer Lengths - PVC pipe can typically be supplied in longer lengths than many traditional materials Reducing the number of joints required when making connections.
  • Flame Resistance - PVC products are difficult to ignite and will not continue burning without an external ignition source.
  • Design Versatility - The physical characteristics of PVC products allow designers and engineers a high degree of flexibility when designing solutions
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