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How to get water to people? It was one of man's earliest problems and one he still wrestles with today. Towns and villages were often built by rivers and streams just to be near a water supply. Often, a well was the hub of an olden city and people would meet there daily to draw a vessel or two for their family's use.

The Romans developed a system of sluices and funnel-shaped waterways known as aqueducts, and for the first time man brought water to his home through some other means than carting it. A series of discoveries came from those waterways. Modifications were made and different materials were used leading to the evolution of pipe. Today, Everett J. Prescott, Inc. carries an endless variety of flange pipe products that have an infinite amount of uses.

Rapid changes in piping have taken place during the last hundred years. A century ago, men with picks and shovels dug trenches to lay thick-walled, gray iron pipe. As recently as 1948 a British firm discovered ductile iron and provided the water industry with a higher strength, more flexible and far less corrosive material. In the early 1940's, a war-torn Germany, whose iron supplies were depleted by the war effort, developed polyvinyl chloride, (PVC) as an alternate piping material.

Since then, new piping materials and new coatings have helped the industry evolve into what it is today. Now is the best time to check with us for the right flange pipe choice for your job.

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