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Time = money. The equation is simple but the costs can be great. When we saw this new product from Romac we knew it would mean big things for our customers. Read More >

The ability to install a coupling in just a few minutes and never have to worry again about not having the right size on the truck means the job can be completed faster, and more efficiently.

The Romac Alpha is a wide range, restrained coupling that installs in about three minutes. With just two nuts to tighten, installation is simple. Just slide the coupling over the pipe gap, tighten the nuts to 45 ft-lbs., and you have a fully restrained joint with a maximum working pressure of 350 psi.

Romac Alpha Restrained Joint

Alpha accommodates most common pipe materials and its wide range covers ductile iron through IPS PVC pipe diameters. Alpha is manufactured in the U.S.A. For more information, contact Romac Industries, Inc. at 1.800.426.9341 or visit, www.romac.com

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If the water department finds a broken main or a blown corporation, they reach for either a clamp, coupling or saddle. Emergency products? Sure. But clamps, couplings and saddles are also vital parts of a well-planned pipeline installation. Read More >

Couplings come in standard sizes 1/2" to 60". They are made of cast iron, ductile iron or steel. They are used to join pipe made of the same or different material or to join pipe with different outside diameters. Common applications are repairs, line extensions and to cut in fittings, valves or hydrants. In some cases, couplings are used for pipe deflection or joint expansion.

We carry single and double section repair clamps that are made of heavy gauge stainless steel. Nominal sizes 2" thru 24" for various pipe diameters are stocked, while other sizes are available through custom fabrication.

Check with us for cast and ductile iron saddles with single or double straps or stainless steel bands. Saddles are available to fit nominal pipe sizes 2" thru 16" with 3/4" to 2" CC taper or iron pipe thread outlets.

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