Meter and Backflow Services (MBS) is a sister operation of EJP which provides specialized services in the areas of engineered water products.

These products include metering devices, chart re orders, chemical feed pumps and other items essential to water conservation and treatment.

Services provided by MBS are appropriate for a variety of customers including large water utilities, commercial establishments, and individual homeowners.

Complete Meter Services


Studies show that approximately 60% of a utility's revenue is realized through 10% of its metering system. This percentage represents the revenue generated by commercial size meters. The "bottom-line" impact of large meters cannot be overemphasized.

Experienced MBS technicians provide field and bench testing of residential and commercial water meters of any brand or size. Testing can be accomplished either in the field or at our complete testing facility in Concord, NH. Every attempt is made to ensure same day service, and meters are often returned by "overnight express." Our testing facility is equipped with an Akron test bench 5?8"*nd 1", and an Indianapolis test bench 11?2"–2". All test equipment is routinely certified by the NH Bureau of Weights and Measures. Computer-generated test results are produced for each meter tested. Trust MBS as your "independent audit firm" when meter accuracy is questionable, or for gauging the accuracy of your benches.


MBS managers and technicians are adept at accomplishing meter change out programs. Whether you have a need for changing out one meter or an entire system, MBS has the experience and know-how to make it happen on-time, every time and within budget.


MBS repairs all brands of meters at our fully equipped Concord, NH facility. Sensus customers can receive "Local Warranty Support" from our fully-stocked meter parts inventory.

Water Meter Surveys

Proper meter sizing results in lower capital expenditures and increased revenue through accurate billing and use registration. Oversized meters allow precious water to slip by unmetered, while undersized meters wear quickly and cause headloss complaints. To be sized properly, most commercial and industrial establishments must be carefully surveyed to determine the expected high and low flow rates. MBS personnel have the experience to select the proper metering style and size for nearly every application.

Rate-of-Flow Testing

MBS provides rate-of-flow testing to assist the water superintendent in demand monitoring, meter sizing, custom er rate structuring, leak detection and conservation programs. Our rate-of-flow testing is most appropriate for utilities or businesses who lose thousands of dollars each year due to oversized commercial meters.

Complete Backflow Preventer Services

Backflow prevention is not just a question of public safety; in most states its the law.


The entire cross connection control program from initial survey through installations, and routine testing and maintenance can be performed by our trained personnel. Cross connection control ordinances can be customized to suit your water utility's special needs. We can also provide the water utility personnel training programs to allow for the eventual self-reliance of the Backflow Prevention system.


Meter & Backflow Services, Inc. can perform cross connection control surveys to select the correct size and type of Backflow Prevention Device based on water use, degree of hazard, and local ordinances and regulations.

MBS will survey individual buildings, industrial plants, or an entire municipal system.


MBS personnel can install Backflow Prevention Devices appropriate for residential or commercial applications.


Backflow device testing is available for one device or a whole system. Certified test results can be mailed directly to the proper authority in hard copy or in the form of electronic data files.


Same day service is often available for those in need of immediate Backflow Prevention.

Additional MBS Services

Data Industrial Meters

Beginning with a comprehensive survey, MBS provides specific recommendations for the "in-line" installation of Data Industrial Meters. These innovative metering systems are an inexpensive means of monitoring flows in the following applications: HVAC, irrigation and pump control, industrial process, and municipal flow monitoring.

Chemical Feed Pumps

Chemical feed and water treatment technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. Long-term environmental and economic concerns have forced utilities to evaluate more efficient technologies and alternative means of water treatment.

Plant Surveys

Accurate sizing and application of meters and feed pumps is essential to ensure the efficient and safe operation of a water treatment system. MBS personnel will survey treatment plants from end to end, and gather data which is crucial to selecting the appropriate type of meter or pump to be used.

Fluid Measurement Control Engineering

MBS employees are consummate professionals who are experts in the specialized area of metering and pump technology. Ask for our advice when faced with challenging requirements and applications.

Reading and Billing Services

Water purveyors can rely upon MBS to furnish total meter and billing services. These services generally include meter installation, testing and repair. Continuing services include reading, accounts receivable, customer relations and ongoing maintenance. This ser vice is a viable alternative for departments which are understaffed or faced with fiscal challenges. MBS will work with you to design a package that is economically feasible and tailored to the particular needs of your utility.

Product Line

The following products are available through MBS or your nearest EJP location:

  • Water Meters (Encoder Register)
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Chemical Feed Pumps
  • Chart Recorders
  • Data Industrial Meters
  • Service Brass and Copper
  • Chemical Monitoring Devices
  • Water Treatment Innovators (Ozone and Chlorine Dioxide Generators)

NOTE:To receive more information on MBS services, please ask your local sales representative or contact an MBS customer service representative at 1 (800) 356-1717.