Ductile Iron Pipe Pressure Classes: A Technical Guide

Standard Dimensions & Weights of "Pressure Class" DI Pipe

What’s in the guide?

In the 1991 revision of the ANSI/AWWA designs standard for Ductile iron pipe, Pressure Class designations were incorporated. This raised questions from some utilities and engineers that traditionally specified Ductile iron pipe based on a Thickness Class designation.

This FREE guide will help explain pressure class of ductile iron pipe, the differences between pressure class and thickness class, and help you determine your needs based on pipe sizes. This guide will include detailed information on:

  • Technical Data
  • Diameters, Circumferences and Areas
  • Thickness Class vs Pressure Class
  • DIPRA - Why Minimum Pressure Class?
  • Pressure Information from 4" - 24" Pipe Size

Ductile Iron Pipe Pressure Class Guide