Every water utility has its problem locations. One may be hard to access, while another is prone to flooding or clogging. Every time you have a specific combination of circumstances, whether it's flushing hydrants, heavy stormwater or a large event in town, you have to spend part of your budget sending your people around to check these problem spots. But what if these areas could be monitored automatically so that you could tell exactly when they're becoming a problem, without having to dispatch a single member of your busy crew? The Telog Ru-35 can help. Here's a quick look at how it works.

Built ToughTelog Ru-35

The Telog Ru-35 features a cellular modem, antenna, data recorder, process signal conditioning unit and battery all encased in an IP68-rated package designed for superior performance in the tough environmental conditions of sanitary sewers and water vaults. Weighing in at a lightweight nine pounds, the Ru-35 measures 11.5" high, 4.2" deep and 7.3" wide, making it easy to fit into most situations. Powered by dual 6-volt lantern batteries that are designed to be user-replaceable, the batteries provide a lifespan of six months to a couple of years depending on call schedules and sensor interfaces.

Trimble Reliability

Trimble has built a reputation for well-considered features and overall reliability in the GIS and remote monitoring systems, and the Telog Ru-35 is an excellent example of that heritage. Designed to meet IP68 ratings, the encased package can be matched up to a wide range of sensors and has a wide range of features to make it easy to use in the field, providing you with plenty of data in the office for your decision process.

Wide Range of Sensors

worker monitoring water system When you want to monitor conditions in your water vault or sewer system, you want to be able to use the sensors that work for your needs. The Ru-35 can accept a range of different sensors, including RS-232, MODBUS analog and digital inputs, RS-485, I2C and SDI-12 protocols, all of which are supported within the telemetry unity's programming and data storage. There are a range of other sensors available from Trimble Telog including pressure level, water quality sondes, ultrasonic, temperature, changes in level and rain gauges. These sensors can provide you with a wide range of data for analysis, helping you make smarter decisions for your water utility.

No-Touch Programming

With Bluetooth capability, the Telog Ru-35 is easy to program without having to access the actual unit. If you need to add a specific reading to one of your existing sensors, your work crew can handle the process in a matter of minutes from a distance, possibly allowing them to handle the changes without even leaving the vehicle. Low-power 4G LTE cellular data allows easy transfer of your data to your office computer on a regular basis.

As part of Team EJP's suite of smart solutions for water utilities, the Telog Ru-35 recording telemetry unit helps you keep your team working on their to-do list instead of spending a lot of time checking on your water utility's trouble spots. If you need help finding the right solutions for your water utility's woes, Team EJP can help. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions or to get more information on how we can help you provide comprehensive real-world solutions for your water utility.

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