Posted by Everett J. Prescott on Apr 20, 2016 1:39 PM

In the waterworks industry, your meter is your cash register. At Team EJP, we want to make sure your meter is as accurate as possible to improve your revenue and reduce low-flow meter losses. Because we know meters, we've taken notice of the iPERL meter, which provides superior performance, lower maintenance and nearly unheard-of low-flow metering. We think it's a great meter - here's why:

The iPERL meter is unique in a number of ways. It takes a composite approach that reaches a perfect lead-free standard while remaining tamper-resistant. It provides the quality of high-flow meter with measurable low flows as low as 0.1-0.3 GPM. It has a 20-year lifespan and with no moving parts, requires no maintenance. Here's a little more on these great features.

iPERL Water Meter

Captures previously unrecorded low flow. Using an innovative magnetic technology developed by Sensus, the iPERL can measure water flow as low as 0.1 to 0.3 gallons per minute, depending on conditions. Instead of losing water and revenue to low-flow leaks or usage, you can capitalize on this revenue to improve your infrastructure. This allows you to stop losing revenue for water not measured by traditional meters.

Serious connectivity. Using remote metering, the iPERL provides comprehensive data points, including 1,100 data points for usage modeling, monitoring alarms including empty pipe, reverse flow and leak detection and is compatible with Sensus' AMR/AMI systems. In fact, the meter has 14 different situations where it will alert the utility to potential issues. The remote metering greatly reduces manpower compared to traditional meter reading, providing significant savings for the utility.

Strong, lead-free composite construction. Using innovative composites that have high tensile strength and low expansion in temperature change, the iPERL not only contains absolutely no lead, it's also mercury free, cadmium free and hexavalent chromium free. With an industry standard internal pressure of 150 PSI, the iPERL reaches an amazing 1,650 PSI before failure, 70% higher than bronze's failure point at 970 PSI.

iPERL Water Meters

No moving parts provides long-term accuracy. Because the iPERL provides metering with magnetic technology in a sealed system, there are no moving parts to fail. The lack of moving parts contributes to the meter's long-term accuracy, especially when compared to aging bronze meters that become less accurate over time.

20 year lifecycle includes battery warranty. The iPERL's electronic register is hermetically sealed, so you don't end up with problems from condensation, fogging or dirt problems. The high resolution display provides water flow direction, battery life, empty pipe alerts and similar information in an easy to read format that makes it easier for your crews to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Extreme flexibility and tamper resistance. The iPERL can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally, providing you with creative options when dealing with old installations or tight spaces. It's available in 5/8", 3/4"S, 3/4" and 1" sizes, with a fire service model available in 3/4" and 1" sizes. The integrated external housing provides tamper resistance and the meter has an alarm for magnetic and low field situations that indicate potential tampering.

By switching to the iPERL meter, you can make great changes in your waterworks department and focus on making improvements to your infrastructure with your revenue gains. If you're ready to switch, need more information or have questions about the iPERL meter download our iPERL Smart Water Meter guide below.

iPerl Smart Water Meter Information Guide CTA